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Jasmine Sullivan Calls Out Men Over Abortion Ruling In BET Awards Acceptance Speech


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Jazmine Marie Sullivan is an American singer and songwriter born and raised in Philadelphia. At the BET Awards held on Sunday 26th July at the Microsoft Theatre, Los Angeles, Sullivan received the first award for Best Female R&B/Pop Artist. 

Jazmine Sullivan Urges Men For Abortion Rights At The BET Awards: “Stand Up”

After a mind-blowing performance by Lizzo, Sullivan received the first award of the evening and gave her acceptance speech which is now trending all over social media. Her speech on the controversial  Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the Roe v Wade case had attracted the attention of the media.

Jasmine Sullivan Calls Out Men Over Abortion Ruling In BET Awards Acceptance Speech

Numerous media personalities and artists are reacting against this new case. Among the other artists, Sullivan also stood together in advocating for abortion rights and she showed her disapproval through her acceptance speech at the BET Awards 2022

In her speech, Sullivan asked the men present at the event to speak out against the diminishing abortion access in the nation. This issue is not just for women but everyone will be affected equally. Sullivan asked men whether they support and stand with women against this. Just like they got women with them, they must also do the same and stand by their side in such a horrible condition. She even said that she is doing this not for herself but as a representative of every woman out there, especially her sisters.

The situation is getting worse outside and women are having a hard time. Thus, she wanted to talk to men directly and wanted them to stand up for women together to fight against the issue. She even expressed that men always benefit from women by making them take the toughest decision of their life, that is to terminate the pregnancy. In such a case, it is their responsibility to stand by their side as the issue is not just for women but everyone. She concluded that the greatest need for women in such a situation is the support they receive from men. 

Even though Sullivan received the first event of the evening, she was the third person to hit the court’s decision to ditch abortion rights. The award night’s host Taraji P Henson started the show by addressing reproductive rights. She began the show by stating, “It’s about damn time we talk about the fact that guns have more rights than a woman. A weapon that can take lives has more power than a woman who can give life if she chooses to.” She even expressed how pathetic the current situation in the United States is and the events that led to this situation. 

Just like Sullivan and Henson, another American singer, songwriter, rapper, science-fiction author, and actress Janelle Monáe expresses her disapproval to the US supreme court. She began by giving a special shoutout to Black women, Black queer artists, and to Black nonbinary artists. She said, “These artists make art on our own terms, owning our truths and expressing ourselves freely and unapologetically in a world that tries to control and police our bodies, my body, and our decisions, my decisions.” she even expressed her objection through her ending words, “Fuck you, Supreme Court. I know we are celebrating ourselves right now, as we should — we absolutely deserve to celebrate especially now. We must celebrate our art by protecting our rights and our truths.”

The ruthless decision of overruling Roe v Wade was directed by nine Republican judges who were ready to take down the reproductive rights of millions of women including the victims of rape and incest. The new rule has created a huge shock across the country and even powered up hatred across social media, while some others took this protest into the streets.   

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