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U.S. Supreme Court Overturns Roe v. Wade, Ends Constitutional Right To Abortion


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The U.S. Supreme court on Friday officially reversed Roe v. Wade, declaring that the constitutional right to abortion, which was held for more than a half-century, no longer exists. 

The new decision, which was got leaked early, showed that abortion rights would be taken back in the states immediately when the law came into action. 

US Supreme Court Ends Constitutional Right To Abortion

A similar law in Mississippi shows they ban abortion after 15 weeks of getting pregnant which seems to be two months earlier than what has been approved by the U.S. Supreme court.

US Supreme Court Ends Constitutional Right To Abortion

The majority supported the court’s decision, and they said that Roe’s decision was totally wrong, allowing a constitutional right to abortion. 

Justice Samuel Alito shared his view of the court that the U.S. Constitution makes no reference to abortion by any means, and no such rights exist that implicitly protect any such activities”.

The time has come, which gets marked as a rare instance to totally eliminate a constitutional right that it had previously recognized by the court. 

The judgment finally came had already made individual states ban the abortion procedure. The rest of the half expect new bans or restrictions to follow after losing the constitutional right to abortion. 

Joe Biden, the former president, explained it as a traffic error and asked the states to follow the laws. With the new U.S. Supreme Court ruling, abortion access is expected to block about 36 million women who are of reproductive age.

Outside, the court was flooded with demonstrators from both sides, and the police tried hard to keep them apart. 

Now, for various abortion clinics, their door will surely remain shut as no more walking will head towards the patient area. 

The 1973 landmark Roe v Wade case was ruled by a vote of 7-2 to protect the woman’s right to terminate her pregnancy which was safeguarded by the U.S. constitution. The American woman was holding the right to abort in her first three months of pregnancy but was allowed with few restrictions to carry out the process in her second trimester and fully restricted in the third trimester. 

Now, the conservative-majority court effectively put an end to the constitutional right to an abortion in the state. The five justices who stood firmly in favor include Clarence Thomas, Brett Kavanaugh, Amy Coney Barrett, Samuel Alito, and Neil Gorsuch.

The three justices who totally disagreed with the majority and took a separate stand include Elena Kagan,  Sonia Sotomayor, and Stephen Breyer. They were against the majority as they felt sorrow for many millions of American women who finally lost their fundamental rights and constitutional protections. 

Several states, including California, Michigan, and New Mexico, which are in the hands of Democratic governors, have already announced their strict plans to set down abortion rights within their constitutions.

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