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Updated!! Governor Agreed To Provide Stimulus Payments To All Californians!


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With the commencement of year 2 of the pandemic, the fourth stimulus check may include extra relief to approximately 9 million Californians. The first round of the Golden State Stimulus II Payment was transmitted on August 27 with an amount of 600,000 and the second round targeting the two million Californians to be benefited was sent out on September 17. The third batch is all set to be sent on coming October 5.

Roughly, three-quarters of the Californian taxpayers are eligible for receiving $600, and another news is that a few of the deserving families’ payout shall be increased by another $500. The plans have been altered due to aid support to the families and individuals who have been financially toppled with regard to the pandemic.

California Will Provide Stimulus Payment To Families And Individuals

Reportedly, it is a moment of history creation as Gov. Gavin  Newsom’s Office declares this to be American history’s biggest state tax rebate.

The Golden State Stimulus II Payment is different from that of its former type as the Golden State Stimulus Check I was only provided to individuals who only earned less than $30,000, or to the ones who had identical Tax Identification Numbers or who received the income tax credit from the state with a one-time payment of $600  – $1200.

GSS II has been modified in such a way that it helps more Californians to get the benefit of being paid. Under the updation made, anyone who is a citizen of California for more than six months of the 2020 tax year, shall be considered to be eligible if he/she has filed the 2020 taxes by October 15, 2021, the Californian Adjusted Gross Income is estimated to be less than $75,000 for the tax year of 2020 and last but least condition being that a person should also not be dependent on anyone else.

Updated!! Governor Agreed To Provide Stimulus Payments To All  Californians!

Once all these criteria are positively fulfilled, then anyone shall claim for the GSS II Payment of $600.

The chances of qualifying for the GSS II Payment do not end here. If one has been eligible for GSS I Payment, then they can also be entitled to receive the second payment if they could claim a relative or a child as their dependent for the 2020 tax return with $500 0r $1100.

Likewise, the recipients of GSS I shall not be privileged to receive the second wave if they have no dependents for the 2020 tax return. Apart from those, citizens whose income sources are from social security or state disability shall not be considered.

If one files the 2020 tax return before the deadline on October 15, then there is not much to be done to be qualified for the GSS II. The Franchise Tax Board Estimator shall be relied upon to estimate the exact payment one shall obtain. 

If one qualifies all the criteria to be eligible for receiving GSS II Payment, then he/she shall receive $600 without a dependant and $1100 with a dependant.



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