About Us

Chamberlainsun is a one-stop-spot news portal covering essential updates on tech, health, apps, sports, business, and entertainment. We focus on delivering clear-cut news on the latest trends and technology for the millions of world-class experts who breathe and live in the news. As an advisor or trusted partner, we take the right step in offering unbiased news and unwrap the secrets, tips, and tricks through in-depth testing.

We are one of the active members of the Globe-News Network. Since the inception of Chamberlainsun into the world of the online news network, we have gained colossal attention globally with our honest news reporting and determined news coverage. Our team reports to you with the greatest gear, best deals, and most fantastic things happening in every corner of the world.

Our team is inquisitively working for 24×7 to come up with the latest updates to make sure you get refreshed timely.


About Us

Chamberlainsun is a team of professional digital journalists with creative minds who nurtures themselves with knowledge and precisely share it with the world. We, as a team, hold experienced professionals, news executives, technologists, and educators who boldly provide the news with high relevance and trending. Every news point we cover and publish on Chamberlainsun is genuinely done by in-depth research of the affairs.


The great values that we keep within us will indeed reflect in the news we publish. Our vision is to keep the audience engaging with informative updates that perfectly meet one’s news outlook.

A team of visionaries

Edward Beck

Edward Beck is a well-known entertainment critic whose articles were featured in several leading magazines around the country. He is currently working as a freelancer and regularly shares the latest news on upcoming films, T.V shows, and celebrities. He has interviewed a range of celebrities from the entertainment industry. Beck has achieved a Bachelor’s in Film and Media Studies.

Rachel Olivia

With 25 years of working career, Rachel Olivia is currently working with Chamberlainsun as a leading Journalist covering almost every field. She is a journalist and a television host who covers a wide range of entertainment topics including, TV shows and movies. She is a graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in American Studies.

Tyler James

Tyler James has worked as a film journalist in many leading media houses around the United States. He gained a Bachelor’s degree in Film and Television Studies. He is also working as a freelance Film Critic writing for various media outlets across the country. Chief Technology Officer

Nancy Erin

Nancy Erin has worked as an entertainment journalist, editor, and film nerd. She has achieved a Bachelor’s and Masters in broadcast journalism. She focuses on modern entertainment stories that cover a wide range of backgrounds. With her successful working career, she has achieved numerous broadcast awards.