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How The”How To Murder Your Husband” Author Actually Murdered Her Husband?


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Renowned author, Nancy Crampton Brophy is convicted of killing her husband, Daniel Brophy by shooting him till his death.

The novelist of the book, “How to Murder Your Husband”, seems like she actually practiced her theory on her own husband. She has reportedly sentenced her life in prison in return for her crime.

‘How To Murder Your Husband’ Author Found Guilty Of Murdering Her Husband

In the book How to Murder Your Husband, the author describes the five different reasons why a husband could be killed by his wife. In the book, she wrote, that a husband could be given the death penalty for money-related cases, secondly if he was confronted with cheating on his loving wife.

How The How To Murder Your Husband Author Actually Murdered Her Husband

According to the novelist, a husband could also be murdered for falling in love with someone else or for being an abuser.

Last, but not least, the novelist wrote that the ultimate motive to kill your husband can also be to quench one’s thirst for killing and gaining knowledge as it could be the profession of the wife.

As per the Prosecutor’s findings, the reason behind the author’s activity must be the first one, which is ultimately for money. Nancy Crampton is supposed to have killed her 64-year-old husband for money.

She disclosed in one of her essays that she was planning and plotting the murder and was also thinking properly of the possible outcome.

Nancy was arrested quite soon after the demise of Daniel and was prisoned for life. Her parole can only be discussed after 25 long years in a dungeon.

She tried her best in turning otherwise which unfortunately did not work for her.

The former couple was primarily met at the Oregon Culinary Institute in the 90s when Daniel was a teacher to the author. The pair later got married in 1999.

The Wrong Brother author considered her life to be quite opaque from the beginning itself, whereas her imaginary friends have a clear-cut life, with a proper beginning coupled with a happy ending.

Though Nancy Brophy does not recall when she actually fell for Daniel, she still recalls him being the most perfect guy, whom she had ever met.

She also shared in another blog that the ex-couple had more good moments than bad moments in their lives. It was a second marriage for both of them.

The dead body of the author’s husband was found in the kitchen area of the Oregon Culinary Institute, where he has been serving as a tutor for a long time.

It was the institute students who spotted and reported the body found while they came for classes in the early morning. Since it was already too late to save his life, the tutor’s life was lost at the crime spot itself.

More than 100 mourners attended the funeral of Daniel, where the murderer, Nancy confronted the assembled people stating that Daniel was one of the most dedicated personalities she has ever known.

The police department had no clue till a few days after the scene. Later the investigation turned towards the famous novelist which resulted in the case going viral around the nation.

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