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US Supreme Court Overturns Rhoe V Wade!! Cheryl Burke Shares Abortion Story


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As of Friday, the US Supreme Court overruled Roe v. Wade, the landmark proclamation that established the constitutional right to abortion in the United States in 1973.

The new law enacted by the supreme court provides the whole power to permit or outlaw abortions to the individual states that together make up the United States. This has made the citizens more furious and is protesting against it to regain their rights. 

Cheryl Burke Come Against The US Supreme Court Over Women’s Rights

In response to the court ruling on abortion, numerous celebrities and media personalities have come together in support of the protests. Lately, the American dancer, model, and television host, Cheryl Burke has revealed in her new TikTok video that she had undergone an abortion at the age of 18.

The video has gone viral over social media in this raging situation as she comes against the new rule by the US Supreme Court.

Cheryl Burke is a renowned professional dancer who came up on ABC’s Dancing with the stars. She was the first female professional to succeed in the show and even the first professional to win twice successively. Burke has participated in 23 seasons and even became second on the NBC series I Can Do That. She even replaced Abby Lee Miller on Dance Moms in 2017. 

US Supreme Court Overturns Rhoe V Wade!!  Cheryl Burke Shares Abortion Story

On Friday, Cheryl Burke solemnly exposed that she had an abortion when she was 18. She came up with this video on her new TikTok to show her opposition to the new rule. Burke unveiled her experience stating that she was so much worried about the news that came that morning.

She even feels heavy-hearted as she, herself has undergone an abortion at the age of 18, about which she is not at all worried or doesn’t have any regrets. The renowned dancer said, “If it wasn’t for places like Planned Parenthood, I would have been a mother and I wouldn’t have been a good mother and I certainly wouldn’t be sitting here with you today.”  

According to her, the new rule by the US Supreme Court is taking away women’s rights. Because it is their body and their freedom and it has nothing to do with anyone else.

And whether or not to have an abortion is wholly up to each woman. She even said that she decided to undergo an abortion at that point in her life as she was going through a huge transition.    

She explained that she practiced safe sex by using protection and even was on birth control. But even after taking care of all these, she became pregnant and while aborting, she was 2 weeks pregnant. She added, “I remember rolling up to Planned Parenthood with Picketers holding anti-abortion signs and that alone was traumatic.

But, on top of it all, the whole process is traumatic and the fact that now, you’re making it illegal for us women to make this decision about our own bodies is absolute insanity.”

Extreme Debate Proceeds Everywhere To Enable Access To Abortion

Burke ended her video by remarking, “It’s nobody’s business, and honestly, I’m happy that I made that decision. I have no regrets and there’s no shame behind it. I’ve just chosen to share it now, but that doesn’t mean that there was any shame.”

For more than 25 years, around 50+ countries have modified their laws to enable access to abortion. And in some cases, this is done by acknowledging its crucial role in safeguarding a woman’s life, health, and fundamental rights. 


Extreme debates are proceeding on the judgment of the Supreme Court of the United States of America that withheld the constitutional right to abortion by overruling the 50-year-old landmark decision Roe v. Wade. 

Numerous right activists and renowned public personalities like US President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, former US President Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, and world leaders like Justin Trudeau are against this new rule and have severely condemned the judgment delivered by the US Supreme Court.


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