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Tristan’s Constant Betrayals Have Enraged The Kardashian Sisters!!


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In the famous worldwide show “The Kardashians,” Khloe Kardashian and her sisters showcased a lot of instances where Khole got severely betrayed by her ex-husband Tristan Thompson.

The Kardashian Sisters Are Furious With Tristan For His Repeated Betrayal!!

Thompson is also a leading Canadian-American NBA basketball player who represents the Chicago Bulls.

Tristan's Constant Betrayals Have Enraged The Kardashian Sisters

Last year, in December, it was revealed that Tristan was having an affair with a woman named Maralee Nichols, with whom he also has a child.

The news came as a shock to Khloe Kardashian as well as her sisters, who had already lost trust in Tristan. This recent event is supposed to be the “Straw that broke the camel’s back” as Tristan again broke Khloe’s trust.

Reaction Of The Kardashian Sisters

As per reports, in the latest episodes of “The Kardashians,” Khloe and her sisters became heartbroken while talking about the news of Tristan having an affair with another woman.

During one of these episodes, the news suddenly got taken up as one of the topics to be discussed and showcased how much the sisters have lost faith and trust in Khloe’s ex-husband.

They are urging Khloe Kardashian to end their relationship with Tristan and finally move on, rather than keep giving him chances that he does not care about.

What Is The News About Tristan?

Reports suggest that Tristan was having an affair with a woman named Maralee Nicholes, which was revealed publicly in December of the previous year.

The former NBA player also has a child with that woman, and he completely hid the news from his wife Khloe until recently.

Previously, they were in a very casual relationship with many ups and downs since they started dating back in 2016. 

Tristan had already cheated and betrayed the American Socialite many times, but this so far seems to be the worst instance of betrayal by him.

Response From The Kardashian-Jenner Family

During the show, Kim Kardashian and her sisters showed a lot of anger and hatred toward their sister Khloe’s ex-husband. 

Kim Kardashian was responsible for finally delivering the news to her sister Khloe in December 2021 after they got the news. 

She did it after talking with Kris Jenner, who also knew about the scandal. Both discussed the news of Tristan admitting that he was having an affair with Nichole and had been with her during his 30th birthday.

Later, Kim sent a message to Khloe, informing her about her husband’s affair with Nichole and how he also had a child with another woman while in a relationship with her. This news would be devastating for Khloe, as expected beforehand.

Later, the famous American TV personality Kylie Jenner joined the conversation with Kim and Kris. She found the news unbelievable until her sister told her gravely that it was accurate news.

Tristan’s Statement

Tristan Thompson has already filed paperwork where he admits to having sexual intercourse with Nichole and staying with her during his 30th birthday.

He also further specifies that they had intercourse back in March of 2021 while residing in Houston, Texas.

Thompson also claims that the child is his as per the paperwork and reports. He does not remember the date of their intercourse clearly but wants to have a paternity test to ensure that the child is truly his.

This Statement by Tristan Thompson truly infuriated the Kardashian Sister who got very angry and upset as during his 30th birthday, Khloe also had thrown a party to celebrate it.

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