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Ezra Miller Was Accused By The Young Activist’s Parents Of ‘Cult-Like’ And ‘Violent’ Behaviour


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In court documents filed by her mother and father in the Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Court in North Dakota, Ezra Miller is accused of grooming 18-year-old activist Tokata Iron Eyes with cult-like & psychologically manipulative, controlling conduct since she was 12 years old. 

Chase Iron Eyes and his pediatrician wife, Sara Jumping Eagle, petitioned the courtroom docket to issue a restraining order towards Miller, bringing up the 29-yr-old transgender, non-binary actor as bodily and emotionally abusive towards their daughter.

Parents Of An 18-Year-Old Named Takata Are Accusing The Flash Star Of Grooming An Teenager

Court files received through Fox News Digital indexed Miller as psychologically manipulating, bodily intimidating, and endangering the protection and welfare of Tokata Iron Eyes whilst perpetuating intimate associate violence. Miller and Tokata, who’s additionally transgender, met at Standing Rock Reservation in 2016, wherein Ezra took an on-the-spot and reputedly harmless liking to their child.

Tokata Iron Eyes' parents accuse Ezra Miller of grooming her since she was 12 with cult-like, manipulative, dominating behaviour.

Tokata changed to allegedly being given pills and alcohol, as Ezra Miller confirmed a sample of corrupting a minor. Takata’s early admittance to the Bard College at Simon’s Rock in Massachusetts whilst Tokata turned 16, a course Tokata dropped out of quickly after turning 18 years of age. Chase Iron Eyes witnessed Tokata, Ezra, and others consume large quantities of cannabis on a New Year’s Eve ride to Oakland, Calif. in the dawn of 2021.

He then, for my part, witnessed Ezra Miller’s specific delusions of Ezra being an incarnation of Jesus Christ, Tokata being Ezra’s mom in a beyond lifestyle, and Ezra brandishing one of the firearms, transported throughout more than one country line, in a country park whilst talking approximately those beyond lives. A part of the files described Miller giving Tokata an unknown dose of LSD in January 2022 and drugging Tokata into an incapacitated country.

Court Files Case Against The Star

The files stated that Tokata had been screaming a lot after Ezra gave her LSD and that she misplaced her voice. When Chase and Sara went to go see Tokata at Miller’s home in Vermont, they observed Tokata did not have a financial institution card, keys, or driver’s license. Tokata spent 3 weeks detoxifying at their home before fleeing to New York to reunite with Miller, where they then traveled to Hawaii. Miller has been concerned about multiple prison issues and has been arrested twice this year in Hilo, Hawaii.

The couple claimed in courtroom docket files that Miller made use of violence, intimidation, risk of violence, fear, paranoia, delusions, and pills to preserve sway over a younger adolescent Tokata. Tokata was expected to respond to the documents and allegations on Instagram on Monday afternoon, before their public release. My comrade Ezra Miller, for the whole of the aforementioned generation, has handily supplied loving guidance and priceless safety all through this era of loss.

This bout of blatant betrayal and toxicity that my mother and father and others have chosen to punch me with has been desperately embarrassing and traumatically life-altering. Relationships in my life were grossly affected, some detrimentally so. This conduct is unacceptable and wishes to be referred to as out.

Tokata, who’s additionally an activist, has spoken at events consisting of Supercharge: Women All In with Gloria Steinem, the 2020 MAKERS Conference, and the All It Takes Lasting Legacy occasion in 2018. Their social media fans include U.S. consultant for New York’s 14th congressional district Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and actress Shailene Woodley, similar to a number of modern accounts. 

Court files signed on Tuesday, June 7, ordered the defendant, Ezra Miller, to have no contact and shall now no longer harass Tokata Iran Eyes, Sara Jumping Eagle, and Chase Iron Eyes. Additionally, Miller shall no longer input any method inside one hundred yards of the plaintiff’s residence.

The courtroom docket will hear the petition on July 12 at 1 p.m. at the courthouse in Fort Yates, North Dakota, because they can’t discover or serve the order on Miller because his and Tokata’s addresses are unknown. Miller was arrested on March 28 and was charged with disorderly behavior and harassment stemming from an incident that came about at a neighborhood karaoke bar, the Hawaii Police Department showed to Fox News Digital at the time. 


A little more than 3 weeks later, Miller was arrested on suspicion of attack for throwing a chair, which then hit a lady in the forehead. Approximately 20 minutes after the incident, Miller was arrested on a visitor forestall and later released. A famous person within the DC Comics film, The Flash, a reprise of their position in the Justice League that has a 2023 launch date.


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