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Nick Cannon Tells Elon Musk, “I’m Right There With You” After The Billionaire Confirms That He Is Having Twins


Nick Cannon tweeted his support for Elon Musk after the founder of SpaceX said he is now the father of 10 children.

Elon Musk confirmed on Thursday, July 7, that he is the father of twins that will be born to Neuralink executive Shivon Zilis in November 2021.

Nick Cannon, who has a lot of kids, responded to Elon’s recent tweet about becoming a father again by saying he was happy for him.

Nick Cannon’s Response To Elon Musk Confirms New Twins!!

Cannon is a rapper and talk show host. “Doing my best to help the underpopulation crisis,” tweeted Elon, 51, after news of the secret birth came out on July 7. “By far, the biggest threat to civilization is that the number of babies being born is going down.” Nick, who is 41, replied, “Right there with you, my brother!” in a social media post that was sure to get a lot of attention.

Nick Cannon Tells Elon Musk, "I'm Right There With You" After The Billionaire Confirms That He Is Having Twins

The Tesla magnate confirmed that he was the father of twins who were born a month before he and Grimes, 34, welcomed a daughter through a surrogate. The outlet congratulated Elon on his new twins, and he reportedly said “thanks” and “Bravo to big families” in response.

Elon musk has had ten children so far. Two sets of twins and one set of triplets are among them. Tragically, Elon’s first child, a son named Nevada Alexander, who he had with his first wife Justine Wilson, died when he was only 10 weeks old.

Then, in 2004, he and Justin had twins named Vivian and Griffin. They are now 18 years old. Vivian, who used to go by the name Xavier, asked in April for their name to be legally changed to match their gender identity as a woman. She also got rid of the last name Musk because she didn’t want to be connected to her billionaire father. Elon said hello to Kai,

Nick Cannon is also getting close to having 10 children, as he is waiting for two more to be born, which will bring his total to nine. The multihyphenate is expecting babies with models Bre Tiesi, who is 31 years old, and Abby De La Rosa, who is also 31 years old.

He has twins, Moroccan and Monroe, who are 11 years old, with Mariah Carey. He also has a 5-year-old son named Golden “Sagon” and a 1-year-old daughter named Powerful Queen with actress Brittany Bell, 34. Abby already has twin boys named Zillion and Zion.

And in a heartbreaking tragedy, he and Elon both lost a son when he was a baby. In December 2021, Zen, his five-month-old baby with model Alyssa Scott, 26, died of a brain tumor.

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