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Who Is Shivon Zilis? Meet Elon Musk’s Top Executive And The Mom Of His Child


Shivon Ziliz has been getting tremendous attention due to their curiosity about her being the mother of the twins of the Tesla billionaire.

The new mama was the executive of Elon Musk’s start-up, Neuralink, which deals with artificial intelligence, and according to Shivon’s LinkedIn, she is the director of special projects at Neuralink.

The Top Executive At Elon Musk’s Company And His Baby Mama

The lady has now become famous since she has birthed 2 out of a total of nine children of Elon Musk, who had 5 children with Justine, Musk’s ex-wife, and the other two kids with singer Grimes.

An insider reported that the twins’ parents entered the reputed court on April 25 to bring alterations in the names of their babies.

They are looking forward to adding the father’s last name as well as the mother’s last name along with their middle names. The petition was then later approved by the law on May 11.

The private couple had no intention to disclose the birth of their children, however, the news was somehow leaked to the outer world, which acted like a bolt from the blue.

They welcomed their munchkins secretly in November 2021, but the news was broken on 2022, July 6.

According to the reports, Musk fathered the twins, and soon after Claire Boucher, singer Grimes gave birth to her child with Musk, which is also dished to be the reason behind the split-up of the pair.

Shivon Zilis is now considered a family member of Tesla’s CEO, along with their newborns. Though she is on Wikipedia, the twins’ mom gained popularity when she literally became the mother of Musk’s children.

Before crossing paths with the chief engineer of SpaceX, Shivon Zilis worked in IBM as well as Bloomberg Beta.

Shivon Zilis was also renowned for being listed in Forbes 30, and apart from being the director of the operator at Neuralink, she has also managed to be on the team of Open Al.

Shivon Zilis has been serving 5 years for Neuralink and 6 years for Open Al, however, it has only been a couple of years since her being on the board of the latter.

The Canadian citizen, 36, is reported to be 15 years younger than the business magnate and she successfully worked as a project director for Tesla as well.

Even though the youngest mother of Musk’s two children was born in Canada, she has thousands of followers from San Francisco on her Twitter handle, whereas the notorious lacks any Instagram handle until now.

However, after receiving a child by surrogacy in December, singer Grimes and Musk are reported to have parted their ways, says a source.

The founder of Tesla and SpaceX is the richest of all on the planet and in April 2022, he bid a takeover of Twitter for $44 billion. If he bids, Shivon Zilis is anticipated to lead the social networking service.

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