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Elon Musk ‘Pleading’  With Ex-girlfriend Natasha Bassett To Take Him Back After They Broke Up


Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, 51, is topping the internet with a slew of pictures of him relishing in Mykonos, with a troop of lovely girls and young boys. A couple of days prior to the getaway, the business magnate’s girlfriend, Natasha Bassett was dished to have called a quit to their romantic relationship, following her offer to the massive movie, Elvis.  The 29-year-old Australian actress took the notable diversion in order to give her hundred percent in the big-budget debut appearance she is about to be in. The lovebirds seem to have flown away!

Elon Musk ‘Pleading’ With Ex-girlfriend Natasha Bassett

However, an insider stated that Musk was not happy with the decision taken by his girlfriend, though she had good grounds for it and he even pleaded with the Wild Boys star to hook up again. 

The beseech went of no use since Natasha cleared shut his hopes down even before the massive investor took off on his Mykonos journey. 

Elon Musk ‘Pleading’  With Ex-girlfriend Natasha Bassett To Take Him Back After They Broke Up

On July 17, Sunday, a series of pictures focusing on the pleasure and endowment of Elon Musk along with other pretty girls went viral. The snap shared the cheering Musk on a Yacht, who were joined with a bunch of unknown girls, chilling and vibing throughout. The SpaceX chief engineer was within the waters of Mykonos, having a good time.

In the summertime scorching sport, Elon Musk was clicked shirtless in the midst of the young and beautiful girls, who were spotted wearing a thong-like bikini set. The second slew of the pictures was taken by storm on the internet the very next day, on July 18, Monday.

The source stated that Natsah’s friends chatted about how Elon Musk is making the hard-to-get girlfriend jealous by posing along with the hot girls during his trip. The source has also reported that Natasha is still firm with her decision of Broke up with the Billionaire and the grounds for her break-up also include such malicious conduct of her boyfriend also. 

According to the source, Natasha Bassett is currently content with her life without any kind of intervention from Elon Musk and is now assured of not returning back to her former relationship at any cost. 

The nearest source related to Natasha claimed that Mykonos’ pictures have helped her realize that she took a correct turn by turning away from Neuralink’s co-founder.

The budding actress seems to have ended her romance with her opulent boyfriend with whom she was in a fling since February. The duo was dating after the billionaire’s split from Grimes, with whom the Tesla fame had a baby via surrogacy, a couple of months prior to their split. 

Musk had previously shared a dozen headlines with Aquaman star, Amber Heard, following her divorce in 2016 from Johnny Depp. 

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