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Linda Evangelista Wants To Move On After Settling CoolSculpting Case!


Linda Evangelista, the Canadian fashion model, after years of hiding, she’s now all out for a great new start.

Recently, striking news hit the Internet that she has put a big full stop to the legal battle against the CoolSculpting case by settling her claims. When she was been into this very same case, the model got disfigured in public.

The supermodel, 57, said that after stepping out of the legal procedures related to the CoolSculpting case, she is now getting into a whole new life with lots of expectations.

Linda Evangelista Wants To Move On After Settling CoolSculpting Case

In a recent interview, she opened up her heart by saying that she is looking forward to a great new future. She now longs to be with her friends and family. The model now feels very happy from within, that she managed to put all the legal matters behind her. She even shared her heartfelt thanks to all those who stood by her side during her courtship and those who have reached out to help her in every single step she took forward.

Linda Evangelista Wants To Move On After Settling CoolSculpting Case!

She even shared the very same thoughts on Instagram via her private account, last Tuesday.

The recent Fendi ad campaign and the booming settlement showcase the fact that Linda Evangelista who is holding great willpower is ready to try something new and move on. The years of literally hiding made her find her niche somewhere else, and she was totally out of focus. But she nowadays believes, that whatever ensued, it was all for good and made her stronger than ever.

She has got all the goodwill at the right time from her industry, fans, and other supermodels that made her feel loved. What she is today it’s only because of the good-hearted people who encircled her during the tough times. 

Zeltiq Aesthetics, the Reps from CoolSculpting’s parent company, still have not made any response or opened up against the recent popping up of the model over the Internet.

In late September, Linda Evangelista shared a lengthy post on Instagram regarding the allegations on CoolSculpting. In the shared words, she mentioned that she was brutally disfigured and for sure permanently deformed. 

Later, Linda Evangelista sued Zeltiq Aesthetics for $50 million for the damages she faced by alleging that she was unable to be at work since experiencing seven sessions of CoolSculpting at a dermatologist’s office. The sessions started in August 2015 and lasted until February 2016.

In February 2016, Linda voiced her emotions and physical pain. The model struggled a lot, and she was behind a shadow that made her fail in doing the right thing for her. 

As she was missing great opportunities, the one that made her shed tears was the catwalk which she loved much to do. All she has done was hiding from the embarrassment. It was a really deep pain she never experienced before. She finally decided to speak up and come forward. 

She said that whatever she had gone through, she herself fixed it as she felt like something wrong was going on. Now, she seems to be back on track and started dieting and exercising. 

Linda Evangelista is strong, and the fans could surely expect a mass return of the supermodel. 

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