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Doja Cat Loses 200k Followers After He Insulted Noah Schnapp, But He Gains A Million!!


Doja Cat’s number of Instagram followers has dropped a lot since she criticizes Noah Schnapp for sharing their private direct messages.

The singer, who is 26 years old, recently criticized the Stranger Things star, who is 17, for posting messages in which she asked him to set her up with his co-star, Joseph Quinn, 29. She told her fans that this was “snake s**t,” which means a bad idea.

Soon, fans who pointed out that Noah is a child criticized her, and now she has lost over 200,000 followers while the child star has gained almost a million.

Doja Cat Loses 200k Followers After He Insulted Noah Schnapp

According to UNILAD, the number of people who follow Noah on social media went up from 24.25 million on Wednesday to 25.17 million on Monday. This was measured by the company Social Blade.

Doja Cat Loses 200k Followers After He Insulted Noah Schnapp, But He Gains A Million!!

In the same time period, Doja, whose real name is Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini, saw hers drop from 24.34m to 24.14m.

Stranger Things actor Joseph, who portrays Eddie Munson on the show, was the subject of an Instagram video Noah shared on TikTok on Wednesday. In the video, which has since been removed, the Say So singer indicated a love interest in him.
Doja Cat, on the other hand, retaliated against Will Byers by going on Instagram Live on Thursday to call out the actor for his dishonest behavior while also emphasizing that he is ‘only a child.’

She started by saying she tried to make a “three-minute TikTok but it didn’t work,” so she went with an Instagram Live video and said she hoped someone was recording it.

Doja Cat said that Noah was “socially unaware” for putting their private conversation online, but she also said in her ranting video that young people do “dumb s**t” and “mess up relationships with people.”

She started by saying, “I just want to say something right now about the whole f***ing Noah Schnapp thing.”

Doja Cat said, “I think that… to be fair, let’s try to be cool about it.” She said of the actor, who is only 17, “Noah is a kid, but I don’t even know how old he is, but there’s no way he’s over 21.”

But mistakes happen when you’re that young. You do dumb s**t. Doja, who wore a plunging Beginning Boutique dress in her video, said, “I’m just trying to be really fair.”

“You do stupid things, you say stupid things, and you f***ing, f**k up people’s relationships. You make mistakes,’ she added.

Doja Cat then said that she, too, has made “her share of f**k-ups” and learned from them. She was furious that he put their conversation online, calling it “like weasel s**t.”

“Like, you should do that to learn that you shouldn’t do that in the future. I made my share of mistakes so I don’t make them again,’ Doja said, but her tone changed.

The Kiss Me More singer had already said nice things about Noa’s looks after a Twitter user posted a picture of the actor with the caption “Doja, look how good Joseph Quinn is.”

The Grammy-winning musician replied, “It’s a crime.” She also tweeted in May, “Joseph Quinn is fine as s**t.”

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