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Doja Cat Asks Stranger Things ‘Noah Schnapp To Help Her Shoot With Joseph Quinn


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Joseph Quinn, who portrayed Eddie Munson in Stranger Things, was previously lauded by Doja Cat for his good looks.

Doja Cat’s affections for Stranger Things’ Joseph Quinn are undeniable. It was revealed in a recent TikTok post by Stranger Things star Noah Schnapp that singer Hailee Steinfeld had requested him to pair her up with Joseph Quinn.

Doja Cat Asks Stranger Things ‘Noah Schnapp To Help Her Shoot With Joseph Quinn

According to Doja’s response to Schnapp’s posting of the social media conversation, “Noah, can you tell Joseph to wait for no. does he have a girlfriend?” “LMAOO sneaks into his DMS,” stated Schnapp’s character Will Byers in the Netflix series.

Doja Cat Asks Stranger Things 'Noah Schnapp To Help Her Shoot With Joseph Quinn

Doja retorted that Quinn “doesn’t have a DM to sneak in” since she wasn’t aware of his Twitter or Instagram accounts. Schnapp then sent the singer a link to Quinn’s Instagram page. In the URL, the actor added, “Right here, ma’am.”

After a Twitter user tweeted a photo of him with the remark, “Doja look how lovely Joseph Quinn is,” the Kiss Me More singer praised the Stranger Things actor Joseph Quinn, who portrays Eddie Munson. Quinn represents Eddie Munson. The Grammy-winning singer answered, “It’s criminal.”

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Doja Cat has been thinking about Joseph Quinn, and that song’s singer even wanted to know about Noah Schnapp’s personal life. Schnapp has a devoted following thanks to his role as Eddie Munson in the critically acclaimed fourth season of “Stranger Things” on Netflix.

As part of a series of TikTok videos, he released on Wednesday, actor Ben Schnapp, who portrays Will Byers in the hit show, shared his conversations with the artist. An SMS from Doja Cat to Joseph requested that he tell him to “you” him. The artist wrote, “wait, no, does he have a girlfriend?” In the second piece of writing.

He then told the singer to “slide into Quinn’s DMS,” and the singer did just that. As a response, Doja Cat said, “He doesn’t have a place to slide into.” As time passed, Quinn provided the singer with an Instagram link from his account.

He will likely have a more significant role in the last episode of “Stranger Things” because Schnapp can detect the Mind Flayer. Doja Cat’s fans, known as Kittenz, see him as a true hero. If Quinn and the singer have a successful relationship, he will be credited. Without the British actor, Quinn would have never been able to contact him due to her lack of use of social media.

Reportedly earlier this year, Quinn said he had no social media accounts and had no desire to acquire one. TikTok isn’t something they use. According to the source, they have a friend who handles my Instagram account. On the other side, Doja Cat has 4.2 million Instagram followers.

The singer has previously made it clear how much she admires the British actor. When she tweeted about Joseph Quinn in May, she said, “joseph Quinn fine.” After an admirer encouraged her to “see how amazing Joseph Quinn is,” she responded.

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More Doja Cat and Quinn fans have taken to Twitter after Schnapp published their correspondence. 

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