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Charlie Sheen’s Criticism Of His Daughter Sami’s OnlyFans Account!!


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The RHOBH actor Denise Richard’s Husband Charlie Sheen found out about their daughter’s newly created OnlyFans account from social media. Sami Sheen had made a post to publicize her newly created account on the constantly growing adult site. Charlie immediately criticized the act and showed her disapproval in a media interview about the topic. 

Sami Is Eighteen Years Old And Has The Right To Make Her Own Decisions

She remarked that, since Sami is eighteen years old and has the right to make her own decisions, Charlie is in no position to prevent her completely from entering such sites and indulging in adult activities.

Charlie Sheen's Criticism Of His Daughter Sami's Only Fans Account

She also added that Sami must try to keep her Onlyfans classy and creative while not breaking her integrity and personal respect.

Later, this news spread to Sami’s father, who is also best known for acting in “Two and Half Man”, Denise Richard, and he was furious. 

In a later media statement, he told the media that the event had indeed occurred her the roof of Charlie as he would have never allowed such a lurid act.


But, in response, Charlie also said that it was irrespective of under whose roof the incident had occurred. As an eighteen years old, Sami can make her own choices even with all the house rules that she has to follow from time to time.

What Was The Incident?

Last Monday, June 13, Sami Sheen made a post on her social media account where she publicized her newly created onlyfans account. 

The post contained many images of Sami and a link that, once clicked, will redirect a user from that platform to her OnlyFan page.

Immediately, her father, Denise, took to the comment section and commented that he would support him under all conditions and never leave her side. Sami later replied to the comment by saying that she loves her dad very much.

Her mother, Charlie, also commented on this news during a media interview where she criticized her daughter for doing such a thing but later admitted that she had turned eighteen and was in charge of herself.

Charlie said during the interview that Sami was now eighteen years old and follows her thinking, and her influence is quite limited on her daughter.

How Did Charlie Sheen And Denise Richard React?

Last Monday, after the incident took place and news spread throughout the world, several of the top news agencies started to question the parents for their lack of guidance, among other things.

Denise and Charlie were both furious about the news of their daughter Sami Sheen opening an account on an adult platform and publicizing it on her social media.

Denise had initially written in the comment section of that post that he would always stand by her side, and Sami had replied that she loved him. But, he later criticized Charlie for being unable to control their daughter.

In return, Charlie also responded, reminding everyone that Sami is now an adult and can make her own decisions which Charlie can not change or restrict.


Both the parents of Sami were having a tough time coming to an understanding over the news of their daughter’s new account.

Denise had also confessed that his relationship with Sami is quite tense, but he is slowly starting to rebuild the beautiful daughter-father relationship.


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