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BTS Is Not Taking A Break, Says Management; Translation Creating Confusion


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Breaking the hearts of millions of armies, the news went viral that BTS was going on hiatus. It turned out to be nothing but, merely a mistranslation.

The news came out on Thursday, as a replacement for the information spread on Tuesday.

According to the latest reports, it’s stated that the word “hiatus” generated extreme panic within the fandom. Therefore the celebrated boy band is not going for any break in the near future. 

All Of Them Will Still Remain Active And Pursue Solo Projects

This massive buzz created havoc among the fans and stalkers that mistook the temporary break for the disbanding of the boy group. A representative of the 7 stars told, that they have currently done as many albums and released many tracks as a group so far and now they have been planning in facing their armies as an individual performer.

BTS Not Going On Hiatus, The Mistranslation Is Emptied

None of the BTS members is said to be taking a break from their current life. All of them will still remain active and pursue solo projects for an indefinite time. Yet, they won’t stop collaborating together. 

The septet’s manager cleared the mistranslation of the wrongly used statement. The comeback shall be expected anytime, but not any soon. But they reportedly stated that they would return someday and the current status is a “temporary hiatus”.

The band members shot and uploaded a Korean video disclosing the truth behind the gossip, which helped the armies in a sigh of relief. The team leader of the boy group, Kim Nam Joon, famously known as RM added to his speech that the team has few disagreements with the whole Korean Idol System since the system always expects something out of them and the time is scarce. He continued that each and every one of his band needs some quality time to invest in the self for personal growth and success.

In search of creating a personal identity, the team as a whole reached the conclusion to take a temporary break staying within the boundaries of the armies. 

The BTS members Jungkook and Jimin also communicated with the global fans that they are only focusing hard on solo projects and not leaving the boy band to decay. They also conveyed that the only motivation is to create an individual tattoo in remembrance of their armies. 

The management team HYPE has allegedly lost billions of market value on the Korean stock exchange, due to the mistranslation caused last Tuesday. 


However, the Butter hitmakers have only started their career as an individual and they together dished on taking divergent directions as of now. 

They successfully dropped their last album Proof, on June 10, 3 days prior to the group’s 9th anniversary.  The Bangtan Boys made hits over hits during the last decade, creating millions of fans around the world. They already grew tremendously throughout the process from their debut with the song, No More Dream on June 12, 2013. 

The current rough patch is a part of their growth, said Jimin.


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