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Austin Butler Sings In Newly Released Movie ‘Elvis’


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Austin Butler is all set to have a notable breakthrough role with ‘Elvis.’ The biopic is purely based on the life of Elvis Presley, which has spread his wings did hit the theatres on June 24th, 2022. The stunning performance of Austin seems to beat the shining stars in Hollywood like Harry Styles, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and Miles Teller for the role.

In the film’s trailer itself, it’s well evident why he was handpicked to cast. The foremost thing which highlights the point why he was cast is his striking resemblance to Elvis Presley. When he was on the stage, he wholly embodied Elvis, the rock ‘n’ roll legend, with his unique dance moves and vocals. 

Austin Butler’s Song Is The Most Highlighted Part Of The Movie

The clip, which was released days before the film’s hit in the theatres, ensures the audience with plenty of musical performances throughout the movie. And the most highlighted part of the movie is none other than Austin’s song in Elvis. Yes! He actually sings in the newly released Elvis

In an interview with Austin in late February, he revealed the experience he had while completely transforming into Elvis Presley, the king of Rock and Roll. He even shared that when the transformation process was started, it was on the voice he worked on first to make it identical. That was the very first phase he was loaded with fear to perform. He added, “It was just like burning fire inside my stomach.”

Austin Butler Sings In Newly Released Movie 'Elvis'

The shooting of the film Elvis started a year before the release date. From that time onwards, Austin Butler was on his voice coaching to make it a perfect match with the rock star.

The actor struggled a lot, and he seemed to be enjoying all the effort he put in to bloom, just like Elvis Presley.

Austin watched multiple videos of Elvis so that he could study the rock star in-depth and deliver 100 percent justice to the character he was chosen to cast. He worked at his best as he thought of holding the responsibility to Elvis, his ex-wife Priscilla and daughter Lisa Marie, and all the people who stood around and loved him.

In another interview, Austin said, “I know where I am now and how long I need to go to fill out the huge shoes I am wearing now.” The actor even had a voice coach giving him training seven days a week to keep himself on the right path at the ideal point of acting. 

Austin’s goal was to get the voice of Elvis in the right frequency without any difference, which finally made it all possible. He was then loaded with full confidence and said, “now, if you hear the recording of Elvis and then with mine, you can’t find the difference at all.”

It ultimately seems that Austin’s hard work definitely paid off. The stamp of approval from Lisa Marie Presley shows the same. She watched the film and shared, “I loved it. Austin did it just the right way, and he embodied my loving father’s performance just superbly”.


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