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Kellyanne Conway Reacted To A Questions About Her Divorce In New Interview



Kellyyanne Conway is known as a GOP campaign manager who is serving as a Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. She started working in the middle of 2016. She has refused to talk about the status of her marriage. The staunch Trump supporter faced several questions which were asked by CBS Mornings co-host Gayle King who is 67 years old. He asked her if her marriage with George T. Conway III survived her time in the White House while she was busy promoting her new book Here’s the Deal, on the May 31 episode of the show. 51 years old George Conway, husband of Kellyanne Conway notoriously opposed the politics of Trump. Despite being married to the person who was one of the most trusted managers during his term in office.

The Opinion Of Kellyanne Conway About Her Husband George Conway:

 Gayle told ‘the man you thought had your back ended up stabbing you in the back ‘ and gave her a chance to explain on behind-the-scenes dealings of the relationship. Mrs Conway replied to him ‘ isn’t that unfortunate? Isn’t that very sad?’ according to her every woman can relate to this situation but this was the next level. She also added George Conway’s vows are not to Donald Trump. He does not have loyalty to a political party or a certain president but that was on her to honor and cherish. 

Kellyanne Conway Reacted To A Questions About Her Divorce In New Interview

After that, she recalled that she and her hubby both took a very big job under Trump but her husband changed his stance on the former president. Suddenly he has changed his mind about President Donald Trump and he welcomes to do that but it was very unfair for George to be so publicly bombastic. Being a Republican attorney, made this known he did not support Trump through various op-eds and pointed tweets. It is found in a piece for Washington Post, George Conway explained the former president and businessman as racist to the core. 

What did Kellyanne reply to Gayle when he asked her about surviving her marriage?

After getting the hones output from her, Gayle asked a question to her ‘did your marriage survive?’ instead of giving a straight answer, she told about her memorable weekend with her hubby George and the kids ‘at the shore,’ and at the first sight stumbled on her words. King said that divorced people still hang out with each other. Jeff Glor also started to question Mrs. Conway about her marriage. Instead of giving any answer, the GOP campaign manager complained that she was not given a proper warning about any political outbursts of her husband against the president. She said that why was not she given the courtesy of being told ahead of time, George told her that his op-ed was going to be in The New York Times, the Washington Post. They were going to have a new ad skewering the boss while she was in the Lincoln Project and it undoubtedly made her uncomfortable.

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