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BET To Lil Nas X Diss Song Regarding Nomination Snub


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Lil Nas X is a 23-year-old young American rapper and singer. Lil Nas released his single called Late to Da party. The picture of the single shows the BET awards soaking in the toilet with bodily fluid.

It became an internet sensation and much criticism against him. He also released another single called Star wars-text crawl that tells the betrayal of BET awards towards a talented artist. 

Lil Nas X Says “That’s What I Want”

Lil Nas released his diss track that is totally affronted to the BET awards of 2022. He released it with a note called thankyou BET awards for zero nomination again.

Bet To Lil Nas X Diss Song Regarding Nomination Snub

He felt very bad that he was not nominated even in the 202 BET awards. The anger against that is the reason for the release of the single called Late to Da party. He tweeted against the BET awards like Black excellence in a sarcastic manner.

He also added that there is homophobia in the black community about the zero nominations for his work. 

He expected more from the BET awards, and the zero nominations make him very angry against the BET awards 2022. The guest verse of Late to Da party released by Youngboy never broke again.

He also adds lyrics of fuck BET in his single. He called them a brutal empire of terror for the black entertainment television. One afternoon he released a picture of a BET award soaking in the toilet and the rapper urinating into a toilet. 

His post and tweets brutally show his anger against the BET award. His expectations turn into disappointments. He sees that as ill-treatment for his community.

Lil Nas X  Says “That’s What I Want”

The BET awards did not give a single nomination for him over years and that made him angrier against them. He excepts any awards or nominations for BET 2022 awards. But the zero nominations make him do worse things. 

The urination on the BET statue will give him much criticism and portray him in a different manner. His single about the BET awards also shows his anger and his thoughts.

A soulful artist never accepts an award to show his talents, but awards will encourage them to do more in their field. 

The urination picture is an internet sensation and he gets trolled for his activity. Sometimes your anger will not be a solution to that problem.

Your calmness will find the correct solution is the theory and it works. The decision you made during anger might have ended in a different problem. So, it is important to keep your mind calm and work according to that.

Lil Nas X is a popular rapper and also a popular personality. But his one activity will decide his future and portray him in a distinct manner. 

The BET awards also need to recognize every single artist and encourage them to work more. Lil Nas’s single will affect his career and become content for the netizens. Every single approach to a problem matters and the way we see it also matters. 

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