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Addison Rae’s Mom Speaks Out Amid ‘Challenging, Overwhelming’ Marital Drama


Sheri Easterling, mom of Tik Tok fame, Addison Rae, gave a glimpse of the current clash with her husband, Monty Lopez, whom she remarried in 2017.

Tiktok star mother on Thursday penned to her Instagram that things are getting overwhelmed as her marital issues are no more a secret from the third eye.

Easterling, 42, displayed her concern for her three kids Rae, 21, Enzo, 14, and Lucas, 8 by making it firm that she will ensure to keep their mental health strong throughout her marital drama.

Addison Rae’s Mom Speaks Out About Her ‘Overwhelming’ Marriage

The 88.2 million followed TikTok star’s mom continued her words writing that she will give her children hope and winded up her statement by adding a thanking note dedicated to her fans, who have been providing the influencer with scads of love and heaps of support.

The professional socialite, Renee Ash, coupled with the Tiktok star’s father’s name, has been encircling the internet with gossip that says Lopez was hanging out with Renee with false accusations of getting separated from Easterling. The confrontation of the trendsetter momager came following the tension created by her husband.

Addison Rae’s Mom Speaks Out Amid ‘Challenging, Overwhelming’ Marital Drama

In the exclusive interview, Renee claimed that she was a sidekick for him as Monty Lopez has a number of promises including that they will together have babies soon.

Renee added that her then-boyfriend even introduced her to his mom and brother, which made her believe in the relationship she was carrying forward with Lopez. 

Addison Rae was totally unaware that she was being dragged into an extramarital scandal as the young influencer herself believed that Lopez was in the process of getting himself divorced from his toxic marriage and apparently, Lopez created a storyline and presented it before Renee, who believed his pile of lies blindly.

Renee cleared the air saying that she has already torn apart her so-called love relationship with the cheater boyfriend, as many girls have shown up claiming the same scenario as Renee.

Reportedly, the internet buzzed influencer shared her embarrassment for being public about her affection with Lopez, and she called it quit this week.

Lies came to the light sooner than anticipated when another video went viral where a young girl allegedly claimed that Addison Rae’s father had been caressing her backside.

This literally pulled apart his mastermind, to which Renee replied that it is she and Lopez’s real family that will sober up for this incident. Renee also disclosed her heartbreak and regret of hurting his sweet family all these times. 

She publicly apologized before them for unknowingly multiplying their wound, despite knowing that she was getting played. The beautiful young social media domain was completely taken by Lopez and he was successful in deceiving her with his fake love.

Renee explained her motive behind unleashing the facts as she wants to put light on the wrongdoings of the man who has hurt not only her but Addison Rae and Easterling, who in reality do not deserve to be brought into such a situation.

Following the scandal, Easterling removed the term, ‘wife’ from her social media handle and her daughter totally seems to have unfollowed her father. Addison Rae also expressed her gratitude towards the corporation and the love of her true fans, for she was seen accountable by many for Lopez’s misbehavior.

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