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Boris Johnson: UK Prime Minister Resigns After Mutiny In His Party


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Boris Johnson’s troubled time as Britain’s Prime Minister ended on Thursday when a historic party revolt over a series of ethics scandals forced him to step down.

Boris Johnson finally gave up trying to stay in power when almost 60 people in his government quit, which was almost half of the government’s payroll.

Even so, the Prime Minister insisted that he would stay on as caretaker leader while the Conservative Party started the process of picking a new leader.

Even that won’t work, say some of the most powerful people in his party, because fewer and fewer people want to work for him.

Boris Johnson: UK Prime Minister Resigns After Mutiny In His Party

Already, others are getting ready to take his place. Party officials say they will say when a leadership election will happen by Monday.

Boris Johnson told everyone in front of the famous 10 Downing Street door that he would be leaving office. Many of his predecessors gave their resignation speeches in the same place. He didn’t actually say “I’m leaving office,” though.

Boris Johnson: UK Prime Minister Resigns After Mutiny In His Party

Boris Johnson said, “It’s now clear that the parliamentary Conservative Party wants a new leader of that party and, by extension, a new prime minister.”
“The process of choosing a new leader should start right away,” he said, adding that the timeline will be made public next week.
Boris Johnson said he had picked a new cabinet “to serve until a new leader is in place, just as I will.” This shows that he wants to keep his job as long as he can. He can keep the government running while he is getting ready to leave by naming new cabinet ministers.

Johnson talked about how he tried to stay in charge and how “painful” it is for him to step down, but he didn’t say anything about the scandals that got him fired.

Boris Johnson said, “Over the past few days, I’ve tried to convince my colleagues that changing governments when we’re doing so well and when the economy is so bad at home and abroad would be crazy.”

“I regret not being able to win those arguments, and of course, it hurts not to be able to see through so many ideas and projects myself,” he said. He added that he was proud of “getting Brexit done” and “leading the West in standing up to Putin’s aggression in Ukraine.”

Boris Johnson then spoke directly to the people and told them how sad he was to leave office after almost three years.
“I know that there will be a lot of happy people in Britain and maybe also a lot of sad people,” he said. “I’m sad to be leaving the best job in the world, but that’s how life works.”

The other party’s leader also said a lot of bad things about the Conservatives. “Since 2002, they have been in charge. A lot of damage has been done by them.

The economy hasn’t grown for twelve years. Public services have been getting worse for twelve years. Dozens of broken promises, “Starmer said.
“Enough is enough. We don’t need a new Tory at the top; we need a real change of government. Britain needs a new beginning.”

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