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Wolfgang Van Halen Announces Engagement: ‘She Said Yes!’


The American musician, Wolfgang William Van Halen is reportedly engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Adria Allsop.

The bassist of the rock band, Van Halen himself took to his Instagram a lovely picture that snapped the Grammy Nominated musician along with his fiance on Wednesday. The post was captioned as such that she agreed to his marriage proposal. 

The Couple In Black Looked Breathtaking In The Picture

The couple in black looked breathtaking in the picture, with Allsop gently touching his left cheek, displaying her perfect-looking luxury diamond ring on her fourth finger on the left hand, as per the tradition of many western countries.

Wolfgang Van Halen Announces Engagement: 'She Said Yes

Adding three red heart emojis, Mammoth WVH singer showcased his joy by revealing the response of his girlfriend.

With their engagement, Van Halen’s mother, Bertinelli, 62, is the happiest about the couple’s decision and she took herself commenting on the Instagram post of her son sharing multiple red heart symbols to show off the happiness that is outflowing from her heart.

The Emmy Award-winning television actor has also shared a decent picture of the engaged couple on her official Instagram handle.

The musician and the software engineer were gushed to be dating for more than six years and they have made a further move in their romantic relationship.

The year’s Grammy Awards were visited by Van Halen and his fiance Allsop, along with his mother.

Although the musician was only nominated and did not win, he was still sharing his gratitude for getting a golden chance to spend the Grammy night with the two most special women of his life.

The Tremonti performer later that day shared a picture on his Instagram, in which the 31-year-old was posing in the center of Allsop and Bertinelli.

From time to time, the musician celebrates the existence of Allsop by sharing cute pictures of her, and recently on her birthday, he made a tribute to show his unmatchable amount of love towards his beloved.

Around two months later his dad, Eddie Van Halen bid bye from the world, Van Halen celebrated the fifth year anniversary of togetherness with Allsop and appreciated her support in both good and bad.

Instagram has been a platform for the couple to put their relationship updates on display as he wrote how thankful he is merely for her presence and he expressed that she is the reason why he is normally living at that moment, after the demise of the dearest father, whose last words were, “I love you”, and also penned that without her, he could have done nothing at all.

Wolfgang Van Halen’s debut was one that the fans waited for so long but then reviewed as worth the wait, and he heightened a lot as he forged his identity as a multi-instrumental pro.

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