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William Friend, Husband of One Tree Hill’s Bevin Prince, Suddenly Dead at 33 After Being Struck by Lightning


Bevin Prince’s husband recently died by the Sunday Lightning near Masonboro Island.

William Friend, 33, got struck by lightning while he was in a boat close to his home in Wilmington, North Carolina.

The One Tree Hill star is still in the shock of her loving husband’s unexpected tragic death.

Based on the latest reports from National Lightning Safety Council, William was struck by heavy lightning, last Sunday. On the way to the hospital nearby, he was pronounced dead.

Bevin Prince, Died Suddenly At 33 After Being Struck by Lightning

The expert medical team tried their best to revive him for nearly minutes but was not able to bring him back to life.

The tragedy got into action while he was enjoying some leisure time on a boat near his home. 

William Friend, Husband Bevin Prince, Died Suddenly At 33 After Being Struck by Lightning

The news has released days after as the death of Friend is not revealed by his family on any social media platforms, As it was a tragedy that occurred all of a sudden, all the family members and his wife were in real shock that they still not completely came out of it.

The Bevin Prince later added, “I can’t even believe that the love of my life is gone. My heart is bleeding”.

A couple of days after the death of William, Odette Annable, the close friend of Bevin Prince and the famous star of ‘You Again’, popped by sharing her heartfelt tribute to Friend via her Instagram account on Wednesday.

Annable, 37, shared that something really unimaginable has happened to her friend’s husband, and whatever happened everyone has to say goodbye to him.

In the post shared, Annable tagged William Friend (@britwilliam) and her bestie, Bevin Prince (@bevinaprince).  

She even featured a series of Bevin Prince photos and opened up her heart to show the friendship she holds for Williams. One snap she shared included Prince, her husband, and their dog, Winstone, whom Bevin Prince happily introduced to her fans in the year 2021.

The death of Friend is really shocking for all his family and fans. It’s mainly because the couple was just getting started with their love life. 

Annable mentioned their love and life and she even added, “The deep love and the perfect life you gave to my bestie is ever memorable. But now you are far apart from her and she feels incomplete without you”.

William is the owner of a great heart and always had a deep passion for helping others. He was very passionate about his business, and William Friend found his own happiness in helping others. 

The love life of the couple seemed to be very perfect. William supported his wife by all means, and he stood like a strong pillar for her. He adored Prince with every single bit of his soul. 

Bevin Prince, 39, tied the knot with William in May 2016. The couple then moved from New York City to Wrightsville Beach during the COVID 19 pandemic. 

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