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Where Is Priscilla Presley Today? The ex-wife Of Elvis Presley Just Opened Up About Her Controversial Marriage!!


Priscilla Anne Presley, who is the ex-wife of the American singer, Elvis Presley, has been rushing with things recently, as the Elvis Presley Enterprises Chairwoman, sold the Graceland mansion in December 2020, with the least margin price of US$ 13 million, for the sale price anticipated was US$ 16 million.

The Ex-wife Of Elvis Presley Just opened Up About Her Controversial Marriage!

She recently opened up about the controversial marriage she had with the singer amidst the revealing of the Austin Butler-starred upcoming movie, which is also the biopic of her ex-husband.

Priscilla was already dished to have married Elvis after pregnancy rumors and other scandals, however, Priscilla, 77, unclogged the story of their contentious marriage before the public.

The Dallas queen met Elvis for the first time when she was only a teen, whereas the actor was already 10 years senior. The actress recalled in a recent interview, that she tied the knot with Elvis after 7 years and they both called their quits in 1973.

The love affair seemed to be hard for the couple at the beginning of their romantic relationship with Elvis Presley serving in the army and Priscilla’s family interfering between the two lovers.

However, the eternal love story only came to an end, when their relationship was tested multiple times with Elvis’ drug addiction, which ultimately brought the couple before the court.

Interestingly, the legendary pair left the corridors of the court hand-in-hand, which astonished their fans and critics equally. 

All these times, the Diva was behind the screens and Priscilla Presley caught the attention when her series, Dallas, began its broadcast on CBS television. The versatile actress also appeared in a comedy film along with Leslie Neilsen in Naked Gun.

Recently, three years ago, the actress shared the screen in the movie Wedding at Graceland 2019.

The iconic personality visited the Grace mansion to commemorate the 87th birthday of her late ex-husband and shared two words with the Elvis fans, asking them to celebrate the occasion.

Priscilla Presley has never left the legacy of her King behind and has taken care of his belongings as his true queen.

However, this year marks a complete four decades since the Tennessee home of Elvis was opened before the public and more than six decades since the King bought the mansion, such that the publicity arose to a level, where the Graceland mansion is the second most visited house after Whitehouse in America. 

Priscilla’s inevitable role must be mentioned as Priscilla Anne Presley turned the whole mansion into a tourist spot in the year 1994 when she renovated the luxurious stately home.

Priscilla Presley is the co-founder of the company that turned Graceland, which was sunk under debt, into the most successful position it carries today as the top tourist attraction of America, for decades. 

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