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Who Was Amou Haji? The World’s Dirtiest Man!


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According to state media, an Iranian recluse who did not shower for more than 50 years and was called the “dirtiest man in the world” has died at the age of 94. He lived a long and healthy life.
Irna news agency reported that a person with the cute nickname “Amou Haji” died on Sunday in Dejgah village in Fars province in the south of the country.

Local news sources reported that Haji, who was covered in soot and lived in a hut made of mud bricks, had not taken a bath with water or soap in more than 60 years. Villagers said he had suffered “emotional setbacks” in his youth that led to his reluctance to wash.

The World’s Dirtiest Man Amou Haji

In 2014, the reports says that Haji ate roadkill and smoked a pipe full of animal poop. He also believed that cleanliness would make him sick. Photos showed that he smoked several cigarettes at once.

Irna said villagers finally got him to wash for the first time a few months ago.

After Haji’s death, the unofficial record could go to an Indian man who, like Haji, did not bathe for a long time.

In 2009, According to reports that Kailash “Kalau” Singh, who lived in a village near the holy city of Varanasi, had not washed for more than 30 years because he wanted to help solve “all the problems of the nation.”

He preferred what he called a “fire bath” to water. “Every evening, when the villagers gather, Kalau builds a fire, smokes marijuana, and prays to Lord Shiva while standing on one leg,” the newspaper said.

Singh is reported to have said, “It’s the same as taking a bath with water.” All germs and infections in the body are killed by a fire bath.”

People say that Amou Haji fed mainly on dead animals on the street. He said that rotten porcupine meat was his favorite food.

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Not because he couldn’t get fresh food, but because he didn’t like it. Villagers tried to bring Haji home-cooked food and clean water, but Haji became angry when they did so.

Although he did not like fresh water, he drank half a liter of liquid every day to stay hydrated. He got his water from puddles and drank it from a rusty oil can.

When he wasn’t eating or drinking, Haji preferred to smoke animal poop from his pipe. When there was no poop around, he smoked tobacco cigarettes. He could smoke up to five at a time.

Amou Haji

The dirtiest man in the world has a strange way of life.

Although people in the area sometimes gave Haji food and cigarettes, he preferred to keep to himself. He lived just outside the small village of Dejgah and preferred to sleep in a hole in the ground.

A group of friendly people built him an open brick hut to sleep in when it rained or was cold outside. In the colder months, he wore an old war helmet and layered the few clothes he owned.

Although Amou Haji did not shower, he took care of his appearance. He cut his hair and beard to the right length by burning them with an open flame, and sometimes he looked at himself in some car mirrors.

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