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Dragon’s Den Businessman Drew Cockton Was Discovered Dead Aged 36!


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LGBT+ campaigner and entrepreneur Drew Cockton died on Oct. 22, 2022,  one year after he won  £50,000 for his fragranced candle firm. The Dragons Den star won viewers’ hearts with his sincere pitch for his firm, Owen Drew. 

What Happened To Drew Cockton? 36 Year Old Businessman From Dragon’s Den Found Dead!

Drew Cockton pitched on BBC’s Dragon Den in 2021, impressing everyone by talking about his mental health and why wellness was inevitable.

Celebrities like Gemma Collins, Paris Hilton, and Colleen Rooney have spoken in favor of Cockton’s vegan-scented perfumes. 

Drew Cockton died peacefully at his residence, according to his mum, Kate drew.

“We are truly heartbroken to tell you that our beloved Drew Peter George Cockton (my wonderful boy) died peacefully at home yesterday,” she continued, “We are devastated beyond imagination. Life is never going to be the same again.”

The note was coupled with a cute photograph of her son, looking relaxed and happy in a sunny garden. 

What Happened To Drew Cockton

The founder of the LGBTQ+ Business Awards, died the same day, just hours after the second LGBTQ+ Business Awards ceremony was held. 

From what his mum has revealed, we have got to know that Cockton was not sick or taken to the hospital for any emergency lately. It is however feasible that he might have had certain health problems, but this is yet to be confirmed as his medical history is currently unavailable. 

Following that, Cockton’s partner Ryan Gunn went on to post a snap on Facebook. The post is serving as a memorial to the deceased as his fans are landing there as a flock of birds, paying tribute to their beloved icon. 

Paris Hilton, who was a huge fan of his candles, wrote, “You were such a light.”

Over the past few years, Cockton had opened up about his mental struggles. He founded the event in 2021 and he was eventually awarded a sum of £50,000 in exchange for 30% of his business. 

It was Touker Suleyman, a retail magnate, who invested the sum in return for the stake. She wrote on Instagram that she was highly devastated by the news of Drew Cockton’s death, who won her investment in the scented candle business. 

“He will be missed by his family, friends, and us,” 

For a very long time, Cockton has been known as a successful businessman. Recently, Cockton garnered traction from the mob after making a post on Instagram regarding how big corporations must treat their employees, ensuring their comfort. 

“Businesses big or small should be promoting their staff to feel proud of being their true self. It has got the back of economists to boost profitability and productivity. So, from an economic and moral viewpoint, there is a motive to do so.”

He added, “Simple things such as taking enough time to learn the pronouns preferred by your staff and creating a (suitable) environment in which they feel comfortable to open up about their lives outside work without any fear of being judged, is key.”

As far as his education is concerned,  Drew Cockton graduated from Manchester University and majored in German and politics. He went to the same University’s business school for graduation.

At that time, he developed a business idea to provide a 13-room bed and breakfast on Canal Street and named it EazySleep. The business was launched after seeking bank financing, during the 2008 financial crisis. 

However, in less than a year, EaszySleep failed and Cockton eventually agreed that he was only learning.

He also revealed that his mother took an appointment with a psychiatrist as Cockton himself seemed quite depressed after working for 10 people at a time, and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Once diagnosed, Cockton became more self-centered and started working on himself. 

The next couple of years were marked as a strong foundation, as Cockton worked for more than two companies, managing accounts for blue-chip companies in Switzerland, Austria, and Germany. Since he was still dissatisfied with what he did, Drew Cockton began to make and sell candles, which was initially a simple hobby. 

Subsequently, his hobby turned out to earn him big, thus he quit his job and launched the candle-processing business, Owen Drew.  

He was partnered with Mike Skeggs and the duo opened the first outlet on a trading estate in Birkenhead.

In fact, Cockton was chosen to decorate the royal marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in 2018. Each candle costs $750 and has a mixture of the most expensive and selected perfumes in the world. 

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