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Sarah Hyland, Star Of Modern Family, On Her Wedding Day In Her Stunning White Gown


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Sarah Hyland, an actress who is 31 years old, made an appearance at her wedding shower wearing an absolutely stunning white outfit. She wore a backless gown that terminated just past her knees, a pair of towering high heels, and a short number that stopped just past her knees.

Sarah Hyland Dazzles In Gorgeous Lace Dress At Her Bridal Shower

The back of her gown was visible, and her long brown hair flowed in a manner that cascaded down to the center of her back. And certainly, this particular appearance of hers was for the purpose of her commitment to her fiance Wells Adams, which at this point were almost set to tie the knot. During this exciting occasion, she was accompanied by her friends and family members. A select group of contemporary superstars, including singer GG Magree and actress Vanessa Hudgens, made appearances at the historic occasion. 

Sarah Hyland Dazzles In Gorgeous Lace Dress At Her Bridal Shower

Some memorable moments:

Smiling and sticking their tongue out at the camera together, Hyland disclosed that she and her soon-to-be-husband were engaged. She complimented her maid of honor for organizing her a celebration and dubbed it the “bridal festivities of my dreams”. The lace dress and stiletto heels she was wearing at the time made her want to sprint around a tiny fountain in them. It was also seen on video, with attendees praising Wells as the luckiest man on Earth. The was a point when she slipped on a drink and had a really shocked expression, which was captured on video.

Momentsfull of life & joy

The event drew so much interest and excitement that it became the focus of local media coverage. When it came to guessing their partners’ replies to questions posed to them, they also participated in the game together. After planting a kiss on her best friend, Ashley Newbrough said, “The love between both the tall and smallest.” Hyland was referred to as the “fairy queen” by the celebs in attendance. On Instagram, GG Magree and GG Magree were seen poking their heads out of some shrubs.


On the snapshot that included a large number of women who attended the event, a number of famous actresses and models, such as Ashley Newbrough and Natalie Joy, were visible. The actress Sarah Hyland expressed her gratitude to her attendant and her mother for hosting a celebration in their honour and referring to it as “the wedding shower of my dreams.” In addition to that, she said, “I love you more than my words, and I am so glad to have you as my best friend and sister.” [Case in point:] On the very top of the picture, in pink letters, Hyland wrote, “finally I got my shower yesterday.” This event left a lasting impression on everyone since it was so vibrant, full of pleasure and enthusiasm, and spread out throughout the whole location. And now, the whole of the concert can be seen on Instagram, where it has been published from the accounts of other people who attended the event, allowing it to be watched and enjoyed by everyone.

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