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Rebel Wilson Sparks Debate After Attending A Very Pricey $6900 A Week Health Retreat


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Australian actress, producer, writer, singer, and comedian Rebel Wilson, flashes an argument with Vivamayr Atlaussee, the luxury wellness, and medical detox center after she was stunned by their jaw-dropping fee which amounted to a minimum of $6900 AUD per week.

Rebel Wilson 2022 Weight Loss

The Senior Year star took to her Instagram a decent picture of herself wearing sports shorts coupled with a slim-fit T-shirt, captioning it denoting her Vivamayr lifestyle, coupled with a wording that read Health = Wealth. The post could not yield the desired output as the Pitch Perfect star received mixed reviews for her, considering the note she added.

In Fact, some followers clearly did not even enjoy the post as they commented, putting light on the fact that those kinds of treatments were beyond the reach of most people barely earning $100k to $200k a month.

The followers however said that it was actually great to see their idol in great shape with utmost health, however, they could not pull themselves back from penning about how unrealistic the Viva Mayr wellness was for a common American. Even they expressed how they can’t afford to pay daily for PTs and training, unlike the iconic actress.

One of the other followers started to make jokes about her caption stating that the Pizza fame has got it reversed, for the caption should have been Wealth = Health and not the other way, indicating how the rich can attain good health any time they want by throwing money, which is unfortunately not the case with the remaining margin of the people. 

Rebel Wilson Instagram


The actress looked dope rocking cool sunglasses, posing on a wooden bridge that is laid across the river of Atloussee, leaving her toned body on display. 

Rebel Wilson Transformation

Another follower politely requested her to think about the below-par majority, who in no way can extend their hands to such facilities ever. Thus the follower added a bid to keep her profile authentic like before, after appreciating the icon for her transformation, which has been portrayed in the picture. 

Needless to say, Rebel Wilson fans popped their way into the scene and uploaded a slew of comments in support of her claiming that the naysayers said so and so because of their envious nature and allegedly pointed out the jealousy which they are claiming to have routed them.

One of the hopers wrote that Rebel Wilson was glowing in that absolutely stunning place and others penned as a reply to the pessimists that instead of pointing their fingers at her, they must be concerned about pointing at themselves and control their desire according to their capabilities. They stated that Rebel Wilson’s success should not indicate that she must lead a simple life just to make her fans happy. However, if she was prosperous then it was obviously better for her to enjoy her life to the fullest, in a way she found it better and fit. 


This is said to be the second time that the comedian has opted for the service of Vivamayr Atloussee and this time, she was spotted along with her longtime pal, Malanie Griffith, the Working Girl actress. There, the actresses are sup[posed to undergo cryotherapy treatments and are only free to eat anti-inflammatory meals, which will ultimately burn out their unwanted calories. 

Dr.Sepp Fegerl’s medical center is however famous for its stubbornness and strictness, as the director does not tolerate any compromises. The incredibly effective treatment followed by the clinic penetrates into the body, leaving it toned and vibrant.

It was through the unique strategy and supervision provided by Dr. Franz Xaver Mayr, that Wilson lost around 35 kg in the year 2020. However, that remained only a false accusation as Wilson herself disclosed to her 11 million followers on Instagram saying that she has not followed the Mayr diet and that it was not the reason behind her changeover. Instead, the Australian actress insisted on declaring that it was her daily morning walk that paid off and shared with her online family that had not so far followed heavy exercises in January, last year.

Must Read:

The 42-year-old actress is anyway gushed to have enjoyed a life of luxury with her girlfriend Ramona Arguma. The pair shared a slew of pictures that were taken from Turkey and Europe recently. 

The Hustle star made her relationship with Ramona Agruma, an Instagram official on June 10, by sharing snuggling snaps of themselves. The caption was more interesting as she sarcastically penned saying that she was misguided in her way of finding true love as she was headed towards discovering a Disney prince, for her actual destination was a Disney princess. 


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