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Lenny Hochstein’s Girlfriend Accused Lisa Hochstein Of Cyberbullying Her With A Fake Account


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Leonard Hochstein sought divorce from the Real Housewives of Miami star, Lisa Hochstein, followed by which the surgeon started dating the former Miss Vienna, Katherina Mazepa who allegedly revealed that Lisa has been cyberbullying her with a fake account.

His Girlfriend Said That Lisa Hochstein Was Cyberbullying Her With A Fake Account

The Australian model claimed that Losa could be harmful to her boyfriend’s children apart from her stating that the Real Housewives of Miami alum cyberbullies her online, which was also supported by her rep saying that Lisa signed up in a new fake account, “Finsta”, only to bully the current love of the surgeon. However, the whole accusation made by Katherena was firmly denied by Lisa.

According to the model’s rep, in May, recently after Lenny filed for the divorce, Lisa Hochstein contacted Katherina by phone and threatened her saying she is harmful to the children, and then later continued to cyberbully her through her fake account.

To the claims raised, Lisa Hochstein replied that she does not have time to play along with Katherina’s childishness, for she has got other businesses to carry with her.

Lisa Hochstein completely denied the allegations, saying that she needs to focus on her children. If not, Mazepa could be harmful to them. Also, the television star added that these are the true colors of Mazepa and that her motives are wild.

Lenny’s ex-wife in the statement given to the court, requested before the law, to avoid any connection with the so-called girlfriend of Lenny, Katherina,  as Lisa Hochstein considers her dangerous for underaged children. She also professed that Lenny has been arguing with her before the young children and thus she had moved out of their luxurious mansion.

Richard Brera, Lenny Hochstein’s attorney, said on his part that Lisa Hochstein is only pulling off a show before the public as he himself has seen Lisa Hochstein chasing Lenny, while Lenny ran away from the mansion.

Brera puts forward his statement that Lisa Hochstein is craving attention and that is the 39-year-old’s motive behind all these dramas and she is not only from the media, but she is also chasing Lenny from social media as well.

After a decade of marriage, Lenny and Lisa Hochstein parted their ways in May, however, Lenny, 55 was made to sign in official papers before their marriage in 2009 that stated that he will have to provide spousal support in case of any dispute.

Meanwhile, Lenny Hochstein already suggested in the legal papers that he would provide any kind of support for his children, Logan,6, and Ellie, 2. The loving father also stated that he would be pleased to spend quality time with his children very often.

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