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After Medical Diagnosis Pregnant Lauren Bushnell Lane Is “Optimistic”!!


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Lauren Bushnell Lane revealed that she is “trying to be optimistic” throughout her pregnancy with Chris Lane’s second child after being diagnosed with marginal cord insertion.

Pregnant Lauren Bushnell Lane Remains “Optimistic” Following The New Medical Diagnosis!!

Lauren Bushnell Lane updated fans on her pregnancy in an Instagram Story on June 7 as she prepares to welcome baby No. 2 with husband Chris Lane, according to the records. She captioned the picture, saying they are expecting baby no.2 in October 2022.

After Medical Diagnosis Pregnant Lauren Bushnell Lane Is Optimistic

She told, that the first 13 weeks were horrible for her the second time. She also added saying the hospital visits and feeling nauseous were way too regular, which made her feel sicker than she already was.

Lauren said that she had received a diagnosis of marginal cord insertion, saying that she was very stressed during the diagnosis, but is relieved now.

Marginal cord insertion occurs when the “umbilical cord attaches to the periphery of the placenta rather than the middle,” according to Lauren Bushnell Lane. She explains the problem, She says that when the umbilical cord attaches to the edge, it leads to the baby not getting all the required nutrients, especially later in pregnancy, that’s why it will need some extra care.

Next, she says, is the ultrasound, which she has to go through every four weeks. Ultrasounds help to see the images inside your body, which is a very common scanning process pregnant ladies undergo to check if the baby is healthy or not.

Lauren also assured her concerned fans that the baby is in a very healthy state. Baby will be in the world very soon in a healthy form, measuring fine or maybe a bit more if anything.

Lauren and Chris Lane, who married in 2019 and welcomed son Dutton Walker in June of 2021, just announced they are expecting their second child two days ago. Dutton Walker is going to turn 1 later this week and there seems like a double celebration for the couple.


Lauren admits that this news has brought the couple closer than ever. She says that they weren’t expecting a second one anytime soon at all, but are very happy with the news. She says Dutton was over 8 months old when we found out, and I was completely unconcerned. I experienced no symptoms at all. I was more interested in taking a pregnancy test to make sure that wasn’t the case! And, to my, and Chris’ surprise, it was overwhelmingly favorable.

During an exclusive interview with E! News in June 2021, Chris discussed what it was like to become a first-time dad. The singer of “Fill Them Boots” remarked that the lack of sleep was “definitely the hardest part.” He said it gets a little exhausting but it is also beautiful and he admires Dutton, saying how beautiful and sweet he is. He also says how time is going to fly by quickly and Dutton will be in college in the blink of an eye. While college is still a long way off, their great plans for Dutton to take on his new role as big brother are rapidly coming.

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