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Kevin Gates Has Been Spotted With A New Lady!! Did Kevin Gates And Dreka Split?


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Kevin Zarur and his wife Jojo are seen taking it easy at one of the most exclusive restaurants in New York City in a recently popular video on various social media platforms. Kevin is the one who filmed the video, which includes the celebrities having a humorous exchange with one other.  Kevin Gates married Dreka, the woman who had been the love of his Life since they were in high school, earlier this year. Kevin and Dreka tied the knot in October of 2015, and ever since then, there have been several speculations that the two are no longer together.

Did Kevin Gates And Dreka Split?

According to what Kevin had to say about Dreka in an interview with Complex in 2015, she is more than simply his longtime lover. According to him, she is his closest friend and has been his constant companion throughout his Life.

Did Kevin Gates And Dreka Split

He replied, “No, he had never been in a relationship that lasted more than a few years.” “My dearest companion is always there for me. Over the previous fourteen years, we have shared many good times. Because we are business partners, I must share all of my information with her. My business and Life partner is also her partner, which is only natural. I’m not the kind of guy who has a steady girlfriend. That’s not a real commitment; it’s simply a one-night stand.” Kevin and Dreka are co-owners of the record Company Bread Winners’ Association, which is responsible for releasing his work as well as other musicians’ music.

Islah Koren was born to Kevin and Dreka in November 2012; this was the couple’s first child. They also welcomed their son Khaza Kamil Gates into the world on May 10, 2014. Kevin has written several songs that he has dedicated to his family and friends, some of which are “Islah,” “Dreka,” and “Khaza.”

It was rumored that Kevin and Dreka had ended their relationship in May 2020, July 2021, and October 2021, respectively. The fandom may have lost some of its sensitivity due to these rumors. Until Kevin and Dreka confirm their decision to end their relationship publicly, many people will refuse to believe the words that they have broken up. Renni Rucci and Summer Walker, currently dating LVRD Pharaoh, have been mentioned about Kevin Gates. 

In the spring of 2022, before making the video of his dinner with Jojo Zarur, Kevin fanned the conjecture by putting his arm around Summer Walker. This action was taken before the video was filmed. In 2021, I was in a causal relationship with LVRD Pharaoh. It has also been suggested that Kevin is romantically involved with the South Carolina-born rapper Renni Rucci, whose successes include “Richie Rich,” “Don’t Like Me,” and “Elevators.” Kevin Gates, who recently ended his marriage to Dreka, has already moved on and is reportedly spending time with his new girlfriend, Jojo Zarur.

There have been rumors going around for some time now that the rapper from Baton Rouge is romantically involved with the Love and Hip-Hop Miami star. Tuesday marked the first time the two were spotted together in public, and it was in New York city where they were seen having dinner together. Kevin Gates went on Instagram Live as he was eating, and he didn’t try to hide Zarur sitting in front of him at the time.

While Gates was stopping to pose for a selfie with admirers while being flanked by security, the two were captured on camera walking down the street holding hands. Insiders have informed urban Islandz that the two are now dating and will continue their relationship for the time being to see where it goes from here.

Sources close to the situation describe them as “just dating and having fun enjoying each other’s Company”. They continue by saying that both have a carefree attitude and take great pleasure in each other’s presence. Jojo Zarur is a member of the Love and Hip Hop: Miami cast.

In addition to being a celebrity stylist, she identifies herself as the daughter of immigrants from Lebanon and Mexico. Her mother is of Mexican descent, and her father is of Lebanese-Arabic descent. Zarur has worked as a stylist for several A-list celebrities, including Young Thug and Nicki Minaj.

These rumors started circulating a few weeks after Urban Islandz’s original report. They’ve been married for over seven years, but they’ve been together for almost 20 years. They’ve been together for over 20 years. The pair tied the knot in 2015, following a courtship that lasted twelve years. As Dreka and her husband celebrated their 17th wedding Anniversary in 2020, she reflected on the last 17 years of their marriage.

She shared a photo of herself and her husband, Kevin Gates, on social media with the statement, “17 years together, five years of marriage, and two tiny children later.” It gives me great joy to know that I can still refer to you as my spouse and my closest friend. As a result, I will not disclose my personal Life’s intimate particulars to you so as not to bore you.

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