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Harrison Wagner’s Brother Pays Tribute After His Death: ‘Always With You’


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The younger brother of Harrison Wagner, Peter Wagner, has resorted to social media to express his condolences and tribute to his older brother, who was 27 years old. As of Wednesday, Peter had uploaded a series of pictures that evoked fond memories. In the caption of his Instagram image, he said, “Always with you.”

‘Always With You’

Early on Monday of this week, Harrison’s body was found unattended in a parking lot in North Hollywood. It has not yet been determined what brought about the person’s passing. A spokesperson of the coroner’s office told People magazine that the investigation into the cause of death was being held up. Because the cause of death could not be determined during the autopsy, the medical examiner has “deferred” the decision to determine the cause until more testing and investigation may be performed. After that, the statement “The doctor re-evaluates the case and renders the conclusion regarding the cause of death” was included as an addition.

Harrison Wagner’s Brother Peter Wagner Pays Tribute After His Death

Harrison Wagner, the youngest of Jack and Kristina Wagner’s children, is a cast member of “General Hospital.” Please do your best to respect their desire for solitude and keep them in your thoughts.”

Jack and Kristina got divorced in 2006, after having been married for a total of 13 years. Jack and Kristina have not addressed the media or made any other public statements since the death of their son. No one can say for sure whether or not Harrison’s history of substance misuse played a part in the chain of events that led to his death.

Thanks to my initiative, I will be the one to start the fight. My primary worry is for the well-being of my oldest child. Harrison had had the same struggles with substance and alcohol abuse as I did when I was his age. He seems to have relapsed and has been AWOL for the past five days.

Jack wrote after some time, “There has been communication from Harrison. Many thanks for your continued support.” Thank you for your good wishes and prayers; he is now 21 years old and completely in charge of his Life. Please continue to share your struggles with us since doing so benefits all of us.” As of May 23, Harrison has no new posts on his Instagram account. He commented, “Focus,” after sharing a picture of himself sitting on a chair and looking off into the distance, and then he uploaded the photo to social media. You and your thoughts are the only things that remain, “he said.

Harrison was a self-proclaimed “mad boy” who enjoyed spending time with his dogs, hiking and getting in a good workout at the gym. Harrison A picture that Kristina took of Harrison with his older brother Peter and uploaded to her Facebook page earlier in the week may be seen here. A tearful farewell to the place we have been privileged to call home: Wagner Ranch for the past quarter of a century. 

The prickly beauty of the high desert and its location in the middle of national forests reminded us that peace is out there if we take the time to look for them. It is now time for us to part ways with Ranch. Our recollections of you will bring back a wide range of positive emotions. We are convinced that the future will bring about much more for which to be thankful.

At the beginning of this year, Harrison shared a photo on Instagram that featured him and his famous father posing together with the caption “like father, like son.” He had a history of abusing drugs, although it is unknown at this time whether or not that played a role in his passing. 

In 2016, following a second episode of relapse during which his son was absent for one week, Jack voiced his anxiety and concern for his son’s ongoing struggles with addiction. Anyone who needs to vent their anxieties, addictions, or troubles to me via Twitter is more than welcome to do so. We can overcome these obstacles as a group, and I will get the ball rolling now.

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