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‘Positively Yours’ Update: New Look, Release Date & More!!


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Fans of Positively Yours, we have some fascinating news! We’ve made some modifications to the Positively Yours website that we’re pretty pleased with—and we hope you’ll enjoy them as well! First and foremost, we’ve updated our website. The upgrades feature a new look and feel and improved navigation, making it easier than ever to access your favorite Positively your content.

Positively Yours’ Chapter 79: What Will Happen Next?

Jun Seo and Byeo Ri’s romance has been simmering for a long time. They’ve spent years battling against one other, so it seems just a matter of time until they both understand how much they feel for each other. Will one of them, however, eventually admit their feelings? Will they decide to date each other? Nothing but time shall tell!

'Positively Yours' Update New Look, Release Date & More!!

Fans of Positively Yours may look forward to seeing Jun Seo and Byeo Ri as young adults in the next installment. Both of them have returned to their former selves. It looked like they had grown in stature. Jun Seo remained the innocent, naive child, while Byeo remained firm and uncompromising. Your Chapter 79 will undoubtedly continue where we left off in the present.

Byeo and Jun have remained silent on their emotions for one another. There hasn’t been a confession between the two of them yet. They have yet to accept the same truths in their hearts. So, will the story take that turn shortly? The solution will take some time to arrive for readers.

Recap Of Positively Yours Previous Chapter

The unveiling of the two-person, three-legged race kicked off the 78th chapter of Positively Yours. Byeo Ri, on the other hand, spotted Jun Seo’s mother searching for her son. Jun Seo, it found out, had vanished just before the race began. The announcement came right after that. Byeo Ri and her father secured the rope with a buckle. Byeo, on the other hand, told her father that she didn’t want to participate because Jun Seo was not present. ‘Let’s locate Jun Seo,’ she grasped her father’s arms and said.

Byeo already knew where he could locate him without putting in any effort. He had been lurking behind the crates the entire time. When asked about this, Jun Seo stated that he did not want to cry as he did last year after losing. Byeo, on the other hand, said that she would win whatever, but only if he was the one who lost. As it turned out, Jun Seo played and finished in second place. The chapter ended with them discussing the events of the Kindergarten championships in the present.


If you enjoy romantic comedies or anything with a touch of fantasy or sci-fi, you’ll enjoy Positively Yours. The series begins with the typical “boy meets girl” situation and then elevates it with magic and superpowers. It also contains some of the most okay comedy in any webtoon, combining romance with comedy to create something that will leave you wanting more! The more I read this second section of the narrative, the more engrossed I became. I can’t wait to see what happens next in the lives of Jun Seo and Byeo Ri! Will Byeo Ri know how much he adores Jun Seo, for example? Will anything happen before Byeo Ri and Jun Seo’s romance progresses? I’m confident that we’ll all love this fascinating romance manga!

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