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My Happy Marriage Anime Release Date, Production, Cast, And Last Updates


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An anime version of My Happy Marriage, a famous Japanese light novel series, is in the works—spread the news of the anime’s beginning production through Twitter. Akumin Agitogi drew the manga version of this light novel series. This series now has three volumes available, with more on the way. The first season of the series may be followed by many more to continue the journey started in the first season. The manga’s fans have high expectations, and the anime’s creators must ensure.

My Happy Marriage Anime Release Date

The first season of My Happy Marriage Anime will premiere on April 5, 2022, according to the show’s official Twitter account. According to the tweet, the software is now under production, and they are expecting it in 2022, even if the creators haven’t given us an official release date. A happy series for the lovers of this project, famed for its excellent story, is what the makers are looking forward to.

My Happy Marriage Anime Release Date, Production, Cast, And Last Updates

Kinema Citrus created an animated television series based on My Happy Marriage’s golden book. In addition to the cast and staff members announced, a teaser video and an announcement photograph were issued. The teaser has piqued viewers’ interest, and they are looking forward to the show’s telecast with bated breath. Many individuals have read the book and are eagerly awaiting the release of the anime adaptation. For completeness, they have included all of the details that have been made public thus far concerning anime.

My happy marriage anime production

In addition to the announcement on Twitter, the supporters received some other benefits. Met further details in a one-minute teaser video and an overview of the forthcoming series with positive responses. Starting with Miyo, the main character, the trailer was nearly exclusively on her.

The return of Kiyoka Kudo, the well-known figure, was anxiously awaited. It was a major letdown to the fans because it didn’t disclose anything about this character. Studio Kinema Citrus is behind the creation of this animation. It by all of the fans for their efforts and the quality of the photographs. Consequently, there will surely be a spike in interest in the final product.

Fans have been drooling over this love story from the beginning. In this novel, Miyo Saimiri, a girl who cannot inherit her family’s talents, is the protagonist, and she could not realise her full potential drives her to perpetual anguish.

My happy marriage Cast and latest updates

They used Twitter to unveil the names of people joining the crew behind the scenes. One of them is the incoming director, Takehiro Kubota. In addition to Takahito Onishi, Ami Sato, and Momoka Toyoda, Takao Abo will be in charge of storyboards. Finally, the show will be by Studio Kinema Citrus, a well-known Japanese production company. According to the announcement, Reina Uda will represent Miyo Saimori, and Kaito Ishikawa will depict Kiyoka Kudo.


There will be something engaging to watch for everyone to enjoy shortly. Announced that an anime based on Kinema Citrus’s light novel My Happy Marriage will air in 2019. As they have all seen, anime and manga are very popular with the general population, and they are popular choices for leisure activities these days. After a teaser trailer was released recently, the public is eager to watch the whole film.

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