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Super Entertainment!! Blue Lock Chapter 169 Release Date Fixed.


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Muneyuki Kaneshiro wrote and illustrated Blue Lock, a Japanese manga that has been published in Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine since August 2018. The Japan Football Association engaged a mysterious man named Ego Jinpachi to optimise Japan’s World Cup efficiency after the national soccer squad was eliminated in the quarterfinals. In the Blue Lock facility, he takes on the mission and begins his training.

Blue Lock Chapter 169: Streaming Super Entertainment! Release Date

He came up with the idea of giving 300 under-18 players intensive and brutal training, and the player who beats all the others would be crowned the ultimate champion. The players in this manga improve their talents while competing against one another. This is because just one player will be picked as Japan’s next national striker, and the other 299 will not be permitted to play for the national team.

Super Entertainment!! Blue Lock Chapter 169 Release Date Fixed

Once all of the bouts have been completed, Ego will appear and explain the matches’ original intent to the players. In the next episode, the Blue Lock Bidding will commence. The highest and lowest bids of the entire player will be revealed by Ego. Because he won the auction, Isagi will have additional options to explore.

Several players will battle for Isagi’s spot on the team after discovering that he has won the winning bid. As a result, Yoichi will have to be especially cautious in the games ahead. As a result, Blue Lock Chapter 169 will be released on April 6, 2022. As a result, Kodansha’s official website will host all manga episodes.

what happened In the previous episode?

Lavinho questioned Isagi about why he moved the ball to him after scoring the goal in the 168th chapter of Blue Lock. He stated that owing him this favour was not his intention. Isagi said that none of them could have scored a goal on their own. Bachira approached them and exclaimed, “Wow, that goal was incredible.” He voiced his delight at the thought of playing with him as a striker in the same phase. Kaiser, Ness, and Noel approached him one by one to congratulate him on his victory.

Then, seemingly out of nowhere, Ego appeared. He commended the athletes on an incredible display of strength and talent as he sipped his champagne. He later revealed that these players would be chosen for the team via auction. It was intended to be the annual remuneration for the players. Yoichi Isagi was crowned the winner with a winning bid of 17,000,000 Yen, the most of all the players.


We hope you find the information we’ve provided about Blue Lock to be useful. There is no team or friendship in this manga, which is full of thrills and sporting adventures. All of the players are competing for themselves; they only have one aim in mind: to finish first for the sake of their athletic careers and avoid getting suspended.

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