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Release Date Countdown!! Masamune Kun No Revenge Season 2: Update News 2022!


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Masamune Kun no Revenge, often known as My Revenge by Masamune in English, is a fascinating drama series that debuted in 2017. The majority of the animation is based on Hazuki Takeoka’s manga. Previously, Silver Link animated the anime, which was licensed through Crunchyroll. As a result, the animation was first shown on several Japanese television networks before moving to the internet. The anime is divided into a single 12-episode season. Masamune Kun No Revenge once continued this animated series with an OVA released a year after the first season premiere.

The Release Date For The Masamune Kun No Revenge Season 2

Although no official statement has been made regarding the release of Masamune Kun No Revenge Season 2, some internet sites claim to have verified it. Some of these sources say season two is being planned because the first season ended on a cliffhanger.

Masamune Kun No Revenge Season 2 Update News 2022!

Furthermore, because season one only adapted six manga volumes and new ones are to be adjusted, the options for season two grow proportionately.

On the other hand, considering that most animated scenes leave a significant gap for a sequel, we may expect an extension. It is also possible to be delayed because of the Covid-19 epidemic.

Masamune Kun no Revenge Season 2 Plot Summary (Spoilers)

Masamune Kun no Revenge is a comedy animation about a young man named Masamune Makabe. Masamune had a love for a wealthy girl called Aki Adagaki in elementary school, who frequently picked on him due to his weight.

Masamune had already shed weight and evolved into a handsome adolescent by the narrative occurred. He then intends to get vengeance on Aki, who had rejected him and made fun of his weight.

Now gorgeous and affluent, Masamune pretends he doesn’t know Aki while covertly scheming her vengeance. His objective is to reduce Aki’s popularity and lower her social standing.

Masamune enlists the help of Aki’s maid Yoshino Koiwai to accomplish this purpose. He buys Yoshino’s devotion with his wealth by providing her presents and money in exchange for assisting him in getting closer to Aki.

Masamune Kun no Revenge Season 2 continues off precisely where Season 1 left off. Masamune’s efforts to get revenge on Aki are revealed to be encouraged by these on-the-spot calamities, as he becomes even more determined to proper retribution. However, his vengeance scheme turns as he begins to doubt if his acts are genuinely justified.

Masamune finally meets and abuses Yoshino Koiwai, Aki’s classmate and servant, to keep Aki away. He pretends to be friends with Aki to keep his relationship with her all the time.


It is safe to say that the news about a second season for Masamune Kun No Revenge will be exciting for both Japanese and Western fans. It can draw in viewers who were previously uninterested in watching the series after the first season. With the strong point of the series being its detailed animation, which brings realism to the audience, it makes sense that Masamune Kun No Revenge would have put a second season into production. Although there are no details about what will happen in season 2 of Masamune Kun No Revenge, we can only expect more action-packed scenes.

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