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Saffire Matos And Ronnie Ortiz-Magro: It’s Over! After So Many Clashes!


The hot news is all about Ronnie, an American television personality, who fights with Saffire Matos, his fiancee.

Right before the latest news hits the Internet, all his fans and the audience were eagerly waiting for the return of the TV show personality on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Season 6.

Ronnie And Saffire Are No Longer In A Love Relationship

Everyone raised queries about his professional life as his professional fate remained a big question mark.

Though all of his fans and the majority of the audience was waiting to see what the future holds for Ronnie in his career, now, everyone clearly knows what the future is getting ready for Ronnie and his soulmate. It seems they split up!

Ronnie and Saffire are no longer in a love relationship and have no future together.

Reports show that the couple was getting ready for their engagement, and before that, everything went upside down. The pair were living together in Los Angeles at Ronnie Ortiz-Magro’s home until they got separated.

Once everything got over, Saffire moved out of her lover’s house and returned to East Coast.

All the folks were curiously waiting for them to get married in a year, but they seemed to be broken up for good. 

The fans of both are still in shock by the news shared by the couple recently.

Both the loving hearts were fighting like crazy which started in early June, and soon they came to a decision of getting separated by the middle of the month.

The latest reports showcase the fact that neither Saffire Matos nor Ronnie follows each other on any of their social media accounts any longer.

This clearly reflects the current depth of their fights and it seems that it is very hard for them to get back to each other in the future. It basically says that it’s all over and nothing is kept between them anymore.

Five days before their breakup news was made public, Saffire hinted on TikTok about their possible separation. In the video shared, she was sitting in her car and opened up the words that they broke up because their birth signs didn’t match. 

Earlier, Ronnie was arrested last year April as he was filed against domestic violence. He never confirmed the case and he refused to testify, prompting the filed charge to be dropped.

Saffire shared that, all lessons she learned in her life during the relationship with Ronnie taught her some lessons even though it ended up very badly.

She even said that various rumors floated over the internet about their love life and their separation. Most of them are not real, and there are no facts in them.

After all, not everyone could know what’s going on in other’s life. It’s not good to believe everything coming online. “My heartfelt thanks to all your love and support”, Saffire added.

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