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Johnny Depp, The Actor Reaches Settlement With The Crew Member Of  City Of Lies, Who Accused Actor For Punching Him


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In April 2017, Gregg “Rocky” Brooks sued Johnny Depp in 2018, right after the actor allegedly assaulted him on the filmmaking set.

The City of Lies location manager, Gregg filed a lawsuit against Depp in 2018, and now Depp settled the lawsuit filed against him just weeks before the case was planned to go for trial. 

Based on the court documents filed, Depp and Gregg, the location manager worked together on a set, and from the very same set, the actor talked to Gregg and made a decent settlement couple of weeks prior to the civil trial on July 25, 2022, in Los Angles.

Johnny Depp, The Actor Reaches Settlement With The Crew Member

On Monday, Depp, who is now 59, settled the suit with Brooks before the honorable Judge Holly J. Fujie. The Judge then approved postponing the trial up to Jan 5, 2022. 

Till now, the filing is not revealed publicly, and there are certain things Depp needs to work on to fulfill the agreement made with Gregg. If Depp is all ready to follow and comply, then the case will surely end up in dismissal. 

Johnny Depp, The Actor Reaches Settlement With The Crew Member Of  City Of Lies, Who Accused Actor For Punching Him

The argument between Depp and the location manager allegedly happened years back, which was back in 2017.

From the documents filed in court, it got revealed that Depp, on the filming set got insanely angry at the manager who asked him for one more shot. They were filming a scene in City of Lies, and when Depp was found to be out of control, Gregg sought help from an LAPD officer for his protection.

It seems how uncontrollable was Depp at that time, and still, it’s not known why Johnny Depp got overheated with Gregg. As the location manager asked for his physical protection we could just imagine to what extent Depp had gone at that moment.

Gregg even pointed out that, right after getting angry at him, Depp followed him and punched him in his ribs twice. He still recalls the pain he felt at that time. He was screaming. Depp punched him by questioning Gregg about his right to tell him what to do.

Gregg in his complaints added that Depp offered him $100,000 to punch him back in the face. This was the next move from Depp when he found no response from Gregg for the punches.

After all these dramatical allegations were carried out on the set, Depp was forcefully removed from the set by his own bodyguards. 

Depp once admitted the fact that he chastised Gregg for behaving badly to an elderly woman, and that he shouted at the homeless women for getting into the set of the shooting. But in the case of hitting Gregg, Depp stood mum and denied all the allegations claimed against him.

Depp even faced a high-profile defamation trial with Amber Heard, his ex-wife. This case was opened up by her in 2018 and it was against Depp for domestic abuse allegations. The new case settlement came right after two months of the trial filed by his ex-wife.

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