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Amber Heard Is Being Sued Because Of The Johnny Depp Trial Verdict!!


We are pretty sure that at some point in the future, we will be able to go whole days without hearing anything about Amber Heard or Johnny Depp. If not today, then in the next year or five years, but it will happen eventually. But, for better or worse, that day has not yet arrived.

In response to her ex-successful husband’s lawsuit, Amber Heard is now being sued by someone else. No, she is not being sued again for slander. No one is suing her, not even the person who had to clean Johnny Depp’s bedsheets or the bee that Heard’s dog stepped on. Instead, the actress is being sued by an insurance company to make sure they don’t have to pay for her loss in court.

Amber Heard Is Being Sued Because Of The Johnny Depp Trial!!

Law & Crime said that the New York Marine and General Insurance Company is suing Heard to make sure it doesn’t have to pay out because Amber Heard lost to Johnny Depp when his defamation case against her ended in early June. The company filed the lawsuit on Friday in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California.

Insurance companies seek to avoid paying Heard’s legal bills and the $10.35 million she owes Johnny Depp as a result of the judgment, according to the claim. or any legal fees related to Heard’s attempts to appeal the verdict.

Law & Crime says that Amber Heard was covered by the New York Marine and General Insurance Company not only when she wrote about Johnny Depp and said bad things about him, but also when Depp sued his ex-wife. Heard bought a $1 million insurance policy from New York Maine. It was valid from July 18, 2018, until July 18, 2019. The now-famous opinion piece came out in December 2018, and Depp’s lawsuit was filed in March of the next year.

When the verdict was made in Johnny Depp’s case against Amber Heard, it was decided that she lied about her ex-husband on purpose. New York Marine says that because of this, the company shouldn’t have to pay up. “An insurer is not responsible for a loss caused by a willful act of the insured,” it says in the papers.

The documents from New York Marine also say that the company agreed to “continue its coverage” while Cameron McEvoy defended Heard. New York Marine says that when McEvoy left the case in late 2020, the company did not agree to the change of attorney and so should not have to pay the actress’ legal fees.

If Amber Heard gets her way, no one on her side will owe Johnny Depp anything. Recently, the actress’s lawyers filed motions after the trial to have the verdict thrown out. They gave two main reasons. First, they said that it was proven that Heard thought her ex-husband had abused her and that for defamation to have happened, she would have had to think the opposite.

Second, the lawyers say they found a difference between a juror’s given birth date and their actual birth date. They say this makes it unclear whether the juror “received a summons for jury duty and was properly vetted by the Court to serve on the jury.”

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