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‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Chelsea Handler: My 3 Abortions Are Why America Needs Roe


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A woman hosting the network late-night talk show is rare as a four-leaf clover. Since the Supreme Court reversed the ruling on Roe v.wade, Chelsea Handler was chosen as a female host to replace Jimmy Kimmel, days prior to the shoot, for showing the amount of disapproval against the verdict.

Chelsea Handler: Her 3 Abortions Are Why America Needs Roe

The comedian spoke in the monologue saying she will be hosting the late-night talk show until the Supreme Court also declares the illegality of talking to women. Her sense of humor was on point in mocking the partial decision brought forward recently about the legality of abortion.

‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Chelsea Handler My 3 Abortions Are Why America Needs Roe

In the middle of talking, the actress also revealed about her 3 abortions that happened while she was still in high school and she surely changed even such a topic to a funny subject saying if that sounds to be “too much” then the viewers shall believe that she had only 2 abortions if that is quite okay.

She continued the night show adding more sarcastic comments to the republicans saying the former host, Jimmy is on a vacation doing anything and everything he wants to do with his own body, while she is hosting the show instead and wishing for her vagina to be a pistol, as she could have been enjoying more freedom in that case.

Chelsea Handler made use of the opportunity to roast the deserved ones which the original host of the show could have not done or may have failed if tried.

Her natural way of dealing with the comedies on a regular basis, paid off intelligently this time when Chelsea added that it would be better for ladies to even delete the period tracking apps from their phones, as the officials may take a sneak peek at those and may arrest the ladies if they are found to be not menstruating.

She also stated that the television host herself has removed such menstruation prediction apps, not because she could be pregnant, but because she is nearing her menopause.

The comedian explained the role of the court decision in evoking the advocate in her who is efficient in the pull-out method, as it is the Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, Clarence Thomas, who must be pulled out.

She further makes funny jokes about the justice asking who would marry a pig-like Clarence Thomas if it wasn’t for Ginny Thomas, who played enough in the background at the time of the election as well. The lady comedian referred to the couple as the ultimate abuse of power-couple since none could have fitted with those disgusting and awful personalities.

Chelsea pointed out the politics behind the decision by putting the lights on the former President, the appointee of the six justices, who himself is a little fat baby loser, according to Handler, for he had lost the popular vote twice with a pile of sexual assaulting cases over his head.

She said that the republicans are not actually saving the kids, but are making their lives even harder with such rulings.

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