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Disney Wants Johnny Depp Back For Pirates Of The Caribbean After $300M Offer


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Disney is now with an all-new heavy deal to Johnny Depp that he can’t refuse!

Disney is trying out its best to get Johnny Depp, the leading star in the film the Pirates of the Caribbean. Disney needs Jonny to star in the sixth Pirates of the Caribbean which is all going to bring up as a Disney Plus spin-off series which is a big deal of $301 million.

Johnny Depp Set To Return To Pirates Of The Caribbean

Johnny already dropped from the franchise late in the year 2018, and he said in a very latest interview that he is not interested in popping up again or won’t return to this track in the future.

Disney Wants Johnny Depp Back For The Pirates Of The Caribbean After $300M Offer

But, the latest reports show that Disney wants the actor by any means, and they are ready to give him a jaw-dropping offer if he returns to repeat his iconic role, which got well accepted by a massive audience. They not only need Johnny to come back to play his iconic role in the sixth Pirates of the Caribbean film, but they also need him in the Disney Plus spin-off series, which is well exploring the backstory of the character.

The company is now effortlessly working on a $301 million deal as a means to deeply apologize formally to the legendary artist and is kindly requesting him to reprise his much successful Captain Jack Sparrow role he played in the Pirates of the Caribbean.

The massive number, $301 million, is not just a random number to ignore the deal. The $301 deal is offered to Johnny because he once said that he was not interested in doing other Pirates of the Caribbean even for $300 million. 

Disney is here with their $301 thinking that a one-upping could help them bring back Johnny for the sixth Pirates film.

In all the five fruitful Pirates of the Caribbean films, Johnny Depp delivered his best for the role of Captain Jack Sparrow.

Now the Disney company is very much interested in patching up the relationship with Johnny. 

Disney, prior to talking about the $301 million deal with johnny, had asked him if he would be interested in coming back for another Pirates film to replay his much-loved role. They had this talk earlier by sending him a gift basket along with a heartfelt apology letter.

The latest reports show that the Disney studio has penned up already to draft a film on Captain Jack Sparrow, and the team is having a positive hope that Jonny surely will forgive and join the team to play his character.

Disney is getting ready with a $301 million deal which includes a notable donation to a charity purely based on Johnny’s choice.

It seems the fans of Johnny need to wait a year or more to see their very favorite captain jack Sparrow again on the screen. Johnny is now busy with his new role as Gomez Addams in a classic television series, The Addams Family.

It seems that Disney is all ready to wait to work with the legendary 58-year-old actor once again with their new project. 

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