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Ivana Trump’s Net Worth 2022: How Rich Was Donald Trump’s First Wife?


Donald Trump’s famous designer ex-wife, Ivana Trump, died on Thursday, July 14, at her home in New York City leaving behind her $100 million worth of fortune. 

Ivana Trump, 73, was found unconscious in the New York apartment where she lived. The disheartening news was published on the official social media website of the 45th US president. Trump penned about how sad he is to announce the death of his first wife and that he expects the news will sadden many who actually loved her.

Ivana Trump’s Net Worth 2022

He appreciated the late Ivana Trump for leading an influential life until her 73 and Trump also mentioned the treasures of her life, which are her 3 children including Trump Jr, Ivanka, and Eric. he further added that the mother was proud of her children just like how they are proud of her. 

According to the celebrity net worth, the late author was estimated to have a $100 million net worth at the time of her demise.

It was reported that Ivana Trump’s birth name was Ivana Marie Zelnickova and she was born in Czechoslovakia on the 20th of February in 1949. The fashionista migrated to America in her 20s and reached Canada at first. It was after her divorce from the two-year marriage she had with Alfred Winklmayr, Austrian ski instructor, that she left her homeland. 

The millionaire was working for the 1976 Olympics Games in Montreal as a model when she first crossed her path with her ex-husband, Trump. The former couple got married soon in 1977 and although they got divorced in 1992, she refused to remove her surname as Trump.

In their 15 years of marriage, the pirate pair was blessed with three children, Donald Trump Jr., who is now 44, Ivanka Trump, who is now 40, and Eric Trump, who is now 38. 

It was rumored that Ivana Trump was compensated with $25 million and with their Greenwich Mansion in Connecticut as per the prenup agreed by the duo. In exchange for the mansion, Ivana was asked if she was okay to receive another $22 million in cash. An additional $650,000 was also credited to her account as child support until the three children turned 18. 

The ex-CEO and president of Trump’s castle became established in the field of fashion and jewelry design once after she broke ties with Trump. The host of the television show, Ivana Young Man, published a biography titled, “Raising Trump” in which she penned about her relationship with Trump, their marriage, and the birth of their three children. 

The book had many funny citations and quotes that will keep any reader immense in it till the last page. She recalled certain moments that added the elements of sentiments, emotions of happiness, and aspects of jeopardy.

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