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Was Drake Arrested In Sweden For Marijuana Possession! Is It True That Drake Was Arrested In Sweden?


Recently, rumors began to flood social media that the Canadian rapper and singer was taken into custody by the legal authorities in Sweden. The arrest was for marijuana possession by the singer who is also an actor.

The posts and tweets are all about the shocking incident that happened last week. The Grammy-winning rap star landed in Sweden on Wednesday, and the rumors got into the action with the hashtag, ‘FreeDrake’.

Is It True That Drake Was Arrested In Sweden?

The news seemed real as the number of posts swirled on social media platforms was numerous. All the posts showcased the same news that the rapper and his security were allegedly arrested on marijuana charges, and they got arrested at a nightclub. 

Was Drake Arrested In Sweden For Marijuana Possession! Is It True That Drake Was Arrested In Sweden?

Later, it got confirmed that the news was based on speculations and grouped under false news.

Drizzy’s plane named Air Drake was shown in a video, and it was spotted landing in Sweden on July 13th. He did not even announce such a visit to Sweden, and this made him stay in the doubt zone. It is unclear why the singer came and what was his real intention.

Both Instagram and Twitter allegedly reported that the rapper has got arrested in Sweden. But the authorized news reporters came out with the truth that the news spread was a rumor.

Later on, upon investigation, the unwrapping of the fact was made that the hitmaker was in his hotel room in the Swedish capital while all the allegations broke out. Though the cops did not give any confirmation about the incident that happened with the rapper, they confirmed that he is not in their custody.

The great lead made fans and the social media audience feels equally relaxed. 

The fake news was widespread. and in a short period, the singer has severely trolled on social media. But still, the award-winning rapper seems to keep mum against all the allegations that were filed against him. He needs to prove himself for what reason he got in Sweden, whether for a new music video record or any other personal reasons. 

The hip-hop legend, 35, recently released his very new album ‘Honestly, Nevermind’, last June. 

Though Drake shut his mouth against the rumors, millions came forward in showing support for the super performer. The majority stood against the allegations, and they opened up their words to show their anger against the false news spread over the internet. They even showcased strong support to the singer via reply posts and comments.

Drake has no such previous black mark history in his life or career. So, this was one of the main reasons why his fans stood with him at such an unexpected time. 

For all time, until the news spread, the rapper was in a good book, and even now nothing altered him by any means. 

The silence from Drake’s side reflects his level of confidence, and it’s not even a matter for him to react to short-span rumors that usually pop up now and then. 

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