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Erika Girardi Admits She ‘Learned a Lesson’ After Cursing Out Garcelle Beauvais’ 14-Year-Old Son


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The American singer, Erika Girardi, professionally known as Erika Jayne, is planting herself in a very uncomfortable situation with Garcelle Beauvais’ sons on this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

The Roller Coaster singer was seen troubling herself by meddling in affairs that should not have bothered her at all.

On the 55th birthday bash of The Jamie Foxx Show’s star, the singer, 50, deliberately indulged in physical abuse of Gracelle Beauvais’ older son, Oliver Saunders, 31. 

Erika Acted The Whole Time And Is Crushing On Her Elder Son

Oliver is married with four children, and Erika disrespectfully began to hit him, which was intervened by his mother,  Garcelle, when things were getting out of hand. 

The famous television personality butt in between Oliver and Erika, so that the singer may stop and the family could happily return home.

Erika Girardi Admits She 'Learned a Lesson' After Cursing Out Garcelle Beauvais' 14-Year-Old Son

Erika Girardi furthermore added her statement that Oliver literally shuts her up when Oliver himself sarcastically referred to the meeting with Erika as nice.

Things exacerbated when the XXPEN$IVE singer began to verbally assault the Real co-host’s younger son, Jax Joseph Nilon, who was also attending the party.

Jax, 14, one of the twin boys of Garcelle, was only walking next to Erika Girardi and gathering the flowers needed for the decoration when he was abused with unnecessary mean words from the side of the singer.

He simply stood there listening to the Prescription of Death, debuted actor’s thwacks, which made his voice shake when he explained the incident to his mama.

Erika Girardi began to question him when the young boy came to pick up the floral arrangement placed on the table about what the guy was doing there.

When he politely replied, she began to throw words like a sharp sword and asked him to leave the premise added with a bunch of F words.

The teen quickly ran to his mom, followed by which Garcelle Beauvais calmly approached Erika and she still remained serene and told her that it was not okay to treat the young boy like how Erika did.

Later that day, Garcelle poured herself in front of Sheree Zampino, her pal, and the former fashion model talked about how weird Erika acted the whole time and she also disclosed that Erika is crushing on her elder son.

However, not to add further flame to the fire, she did not talk about all this to Erika Girardi at that time, for the tv host said that she would only open up about all this drama to Erika once the right time arrives.

Saying this, the friends cheered their glasses.

Despite the situation self-built by Erika Girardi the singer then states that she is worried and tensed to meet with Garcelle at the gathering since she has offended her. 

Keeping things aside, Erika greeted Garcelle, which she reciprocated and the singer added that she would only drink a glass, referring to the previous incident she created after drinking.

Throughout the 12th season, Erika was found to be mixing her medication with alcohol and it adversely affected her mental stability.

The Pretty Mess singer literally becomes messier when she drinks.

Sooner or later, Garcelle agreed with Erika, when she admitted that she learned the lesson, and the NYPD Blue star took to her confession that a person’s true self reflects when they are drunk, comparing it with, of course, Erika. 

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