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Blonde: Release Date, Cast, Plot Everything You Need To Know!


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The famous yesteryear star Marilyn Monroe’s new biopic will be out soon. Moreover, it seems that the movie will be as stylish as the iconic star herself. Everybody knows that Marilyn Monroe was a superstar in her own right. Additionally, she was also a fashion icon. The most stunning but fiction-based biopic of the star will release soon on Netflix. If you are wondering, about the release date hold on. It is on 23rd September 2022. It is not yet known when the movie will have a theatre release.

The Film Premiers At The Venice International Film Festival

The movie is titled ‘Blonde,’ and it is just apt. Hollywood star Ana de Armas from James Bond-No Time to Die comes to reprise the role of the star. This is not the first time that a movie has been made about her. Numerous movies have been made on the star that stole numerous hearts.

Blonde: Release Date, Cast, Plot Everything You Need To Know!

There have been other movies and documentaries on the star, which include ‘The Mystery of Marilyn Monroe: The Unheard Tapes.’ There are still others that include fiction movies like ‘Marilyn and Me’ with Susan Griffins playing Monroe and My Week with Marilyn. ‘Blonde’ promise to be a whole new take on the actress.

Blonde Release Date

The movie about Marilyn Monroe titled ‘Blonde’ is all-set to be released on 23rd September 2022, on Netflix. The film premiers at the Venice International Film Festival. No one knows if the movie will be released at a theatre near you. If the makers want to nominate the movie for the Oscars, then it has to release at any of the theatres. Netflix had taken such a stand earlier for a few promising movies, but as of now, there is no news on this matter.

Where Can You Watch?

The audience can watch the movie on Netflix.

Blonde Cast

·   Ana de Armas reprises the role of the famous and iconic Hollywood star, Marilyn Monroe. It is not an easy thing, to step into the shoes of a huge star. However, Ana has given her best shot in the movie. She is also an A-lister now, with the best movies under her belt. She shot to fame in 2016 with movies like ‘Hands of Stone and War Dogs,’ blockbuster movies like Blade Runner 2049, and many more. Then she also starred in movies like Knives Out.

She became a household name after the latter. She also starred in James Bond – No Time to Die, which catapulted her to fame. Ana also did a role opposite Ben Affleck in Deep Water. The year 2022 has been really very hectic for the lead actress of now many successful films. She also plays the normal life of the actress, of that of Norma Jean, quite well.

·   However, she is not the only big name in the movie.  Adrien Brody also joins her in the movie. He is a big name in Hollywood, with movies like The Pianist to his credit. According to various sources, Brody is playing an important character in the movie. He is probably depicting the role of ‘The Playwright’.

The other stars, in the movie, ‘Blonde’ are:

·   Bobby Cannavale – He is also playing an important role.  He bears resemblance to ‘The Ex-Athlete’ in the movie.

No one has drawn any connection with them formally in the movie. However, all those who know about Marilyn Monroe’s marital history know about them.

The others are:

·   Garret Dillahunt 

·   Julianne Nicholson

·   Sara Paxton

·   Xavier Samuel 

·   Scoot McNairy

·   Evan Williams

Blonde Trailer

There is a lot of good news right here. The official trailer of the movie, ‘Blonde’ is out. The photos have come out very well, with some of the scenes in black and white. A lot of period clothing has been used in the movie, as it depicts the life and the times of the yesteryear star. The real name of Marilyn Monroe is Norma Jean.

Netflix has also released its very own trailer, in which the audience gets to see the two faces of the ordinary and the superstar. So, everyone is excited to watch the movie in September. One of the images released in June, shows Ana de Armas, as Marilyn sadly looking into the mirror, and laughing at herself. Some photos and stills have also been released so far.

Blonde Plot

The audience will be witnessing a fictionalized version of Marilyn Monroe’s real-life story. The movie is expected to delve into the life of a normal woman who was not a star. The actress supposedly had a very traumatic childhood, and that is what the movie will showcase. It also highlights the conflict between the private person, that was Norma Jean, and the public life of Marilyn Monroe.

There are some explicit scenes in the movie, that have got the movie an NC-17 certificate. Most theatres in the US do not air such movies. That may be one of the reasons, why the movie has not been able to secure a theatrical release so far. In spite of the certification, Director Andrew Dominik believes that the scenes, that have been described as bold and explicit are important.

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The Director is showcasing the raw truth of the star’s life. He is very adamant about all the scenes that will be shown on sexual behaviors. The film is based on a novel of the same name which happens to be written by Joyce Carol Oates. The Director started the film way back in 2010, but the female star Ana was cast in 2019.

He wants the entire world to see, what the normal Norma Jean felt like. It is a sort of feminist take on her story. The audience also gets to see some real-life photographic visualizations of the life of the actress. The film is targeting adults at present and is a bit complex in character. One may not find the occurrence in perfect chronological order.


Many fans of the star Ana, and also that of the yesteryear star, Marilyn Monroe are waiting for the release of the movie. It is a high time of anticipation. The film will definitely cover the star’s marriage and that is something to look forward to.

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