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Better Call Saul Had To Split A Scene In Two After Bob Odenkirk’s Heart Attack


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The binge-watchers of the Netflix series, Better Call Saul, are about to watch the show’s upcoming episode as an unpolished and incomplete one, since the lead, Bob Odenkirk, was taken by a heart attack. 

The showrunners are about to release an unfinished episode tomorrow which they are expecting to create a buzz among eager viewers. The audience is tapping on their heels to see how the editor will connect the scattered pieces of the clips they had covered when the lead was ill in 2021, for the upcoming episode. 

Better Call Saul Split A Scene After Bob Odenkirk’s Heart Attack

According to the actor, around three-fourths of the scene were shot even before he was hospitalized and the remaining one-quarter was filmed later after he was recovered. 

Filling the gap between the two solely relies on the fingertips of the editor alone. 

Better Call Saul Had To Split A Scene In Two After Bob Odenkirk’s Heart Attack

Bob Odenkirk, who portrays the role of a crooked lawyer, Saul Goodman, communicated with the media saying that he was diagnosed with a heart attack on July 28, 2021, which happened on the sets of Better Call Saul, right when the camera was rolling to film a key part for the series. 

The popular actor then told the reporter that he was struck with a heart attack on the sets of Better call Saul, while they were shooting for the Tuesday episode. Bob Odenkirk was 58 at the time and the filming was then at Albuquerque.

The lawyer of the series then disclosed that he felt no connection to the scenes that were filmed on the day of the heart attack as the actor had lost the memory of the day. He told the reporters that he felt strange for not remembering what he did or said.

Odenkirk stated that it was rare for someone to forget and get completely blank whereas he was supposed to remember at least something regarding the shoot, even if it was shot months ago. 

Odenkirk explained his thoughts on how weird he feels for losing a week and a half of his life. 

Soon after the first diagnosis, the actor took to Twitter, shutting down the anxiety of his fans announcing that he will be back as soon as possible. Also, Bob Odenkirk reportedly was seen mentioning the heart attack he suffered as “small”. 

The American actor, comedian, and filmmaker in the later exclusive interview said that he had recovered and his health was in good shape. Bob Odenkirk further explained that he was allowed a four-week break from the shoot and once returned the schedule was shortened considering the health-related precautions and that was reduced to 12-hour days.

The iconic actor praised the crew for taking good care of him and admitted that it was the teamwork and the cooperation of the showrunners that made him able to shoot the portions. 

The incredible star then added to his words that none of the others could say exactly when the actor was suffering from a heart attack or when he was fine. 

The shoot took a hiatus for a few months and continued in September 2021. 

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