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Balenciaga Starts Selling Trash Bags As ‘Trash Pouch’ For $1,790


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The Master of Haute Couture, Balenciaga, has reportedly introduced their trash bag for $1,790 into the market, for which the Spanish fashion house is getting trolled.

To note the difference, the huge brand has renamed the common trash bags to “Trash Pouches”. 

The consumers of Balenciaga are baffled as the brand’s very move has generated a buzz among themselves and everyone is wondering whether Balenciaga is in a social experiment or not.

Balenciaga Starts Selling Trash Bags As ‘Trash Pouch

It was in March 2022 that the idea of such a pricey rubbish bag enlightened the company, when Deman Gwasalia, the creative director of Balenciaga revealed his winter collection.

The pouches thus invented are available in three different shades, blue, black, and white. Among the three garbage pouches, the white bag is attached with a red string at the end and the other two with black strings. 

Balenciaga Starts Selling Trash Bags As ‘Trash Pouch’ For $1,790

Even the official website of Balenciaga has reported that their product is inspired by normal trash bags.

The brand designer Gvasalia has opened up about the idea behind the invention as he stated to Women’s Wear Daily that he was so into making an expensive trash bag as he had to see who would not appreciate a kind of fashion scandal. 

Now, Twitter has been flooded with a number of replies mentioning the famous Balenciaga and their killing strategy which has dried the water in their throats. Many have been questioning the brand for coming up with such a familiar product at an exorbitant price. The world is looking at Gvasalia as his aforesaid explanation seemed quite ridiculous to the common fellows.

As a result, an enormous amount of people have been trolling Balenciaga for launching a product by simply making it a fashion trend with a jaw-dropping price tag. The controversy has leveled up on social media platforms. 

Among the sarcastic Tweets on the social media platform, one has put forward the opinion writing that the brand must be looting money in the name of fashion, whereas some have supported the trending product saying the trash bag worth $1,790 might only be a social experiment. 

Since a high amount of people are already slaves to the super trending costly brands, implementing such an ordinary item would not have been a challenge to them. The only thing which the company, including the director, designer, and other officials must have thought about could be its labeling, which is the most uproarious part of the topic.

Gvasalia has been the center of attraction when he wrapped the model mogul, Kim Kardashian in black and yellow warning tape earlier in 2022. The designer’s name popped up then as Kardashian’s looks were the headlines at the time, creating controversies. 

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Apart from that, Gwasalia in the very next year was trolled for bringing up duplicate Ikea shopping bags for $2,145, whereas, the original Ikea blue bags were only worth $0.99. 

An actual user of Balenciaga products appeared on social media and penned that the hallmark company has been taking things too far as they are charging almost $1800 for a  bag where people put the trash and that someone at the top must be jailed for supporting and leading such a “bulls**t”. 

One of the eye-catching replies was that the Twitter user talked about how the brand is taking the initiative in signaling the different status of people as such a pricey trash bag would be the finer choice for the cash-rich to escape from being accidentally misinterpreted as middle-class since both bevies of people have been using similar scrap bags so far. 

However, Balenciaga is not the only brand that must be addressed when the topic is all about company strategy which is a type of legal theft. A similar patterned trend was previously set in motion by the emblem of another Spanish fame company, BIIS, which brought out trash bags again and called them with a super cute title that read Bin Bag. 

The then-controversial launch was in 2017 when BIIS launched bin bags in three different sizes as large, small, and medium with prices of $422, $258, and $346. 

Again, these are not the odd cases, for a skating brand named Supreme introduced clay bricks in the market in 2016, when the brand sold each brick of a clay house for $30. At the time, the only contrasting property they brought to the product was that the brand had carved its trademark on one of the slides of the product. 

Well, the fact of astonishment was not that Supreme launched such a plain and usual product with only a stamp engraved on it, but the waggish truth is that the same product was cleared out of the stocks in seconds and then it was even spotted on reselling platforms for an extortionate amount of $1,000. 

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