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Amy Schumer Fired Her Doula Domino Kirke!! Explains The Reason Firing Her Doula While Recovering Postpartum



Amy Beth Schumer is an American stand-up comedian and actress who is now with very sensational news on why she let go of her doula while recovering postpartum.

Amy has recently shared her candid photos related to postpartum as she wants her fans to know about the first-ever experience she had with her son. Right after the shared pictures on social media, she is now out with some bad experiences with Penn Badgley’s Wife Domino Kirke, who was Amy’s doula during her postpartum period. 

Amy Schumer Reveals Why She Fired Her Doula Penn Badgley’s Wife, Domino Kirke

On Wednesday, in the episode of Penn Badgley‘s Stitcher, Amy Schumer shared the insecurities she felt after happily welcoming her son, Gene David. The comedian gives a really good brief in the show on how the doula who surely needed to play a big role during such a period let her put down. 

The truth Amy revealed about her doula made Domino feel pretty unfair. Amy said that she was trying hard to recover from the c-section she had with her son Gene. Amy felt Domino, the doula as a goddess, who was actually a floating siren around her house. She was really lovely, and the touch she gave melted Amy away. And Domino was like their family member.

Amy Schumer Fired Her Doula Domino Kirke!! Explains The Reason Firing Her Doula While Recovering Postpartum

Right after the very fair attitude from Domino, Amy started to feel so vulnerable. Amy just thought in a different way, like, she was in her bleeding, and how could she keep a goddess around her and in the home while she had heavy postpartum bleeding. This is what she told Penn Badgley.

She even added to Penn that she was not holding enough mental strength to allow herself to feel the luxury of having her doula around their home. And so Amy made a decision to keep Domino away from her and from the care, she was pouring on Amy. 

Amy Opening Up About The Issue

Amy Schumer welcomed her first baby boy when she was in her 41 with her husband Chris Fischer, who tied their knot in the year 2018, February.

Soon after, they welcomed their son Gene with a heart full of rejoicing, who is now 3; Amy shared everything she felt during her pregnancy by opening up the photos on Instagram. At that time, she even mentioned Kirke in her post by describing the doula’s care for her. Amy never forgot to share how lucky she felt with Domino.

With Amy’s recent post against her doula, one of the fans who is a mum shared her thoughts on Instagram in response to the shared post by Amy. In the post, she wrote like, what’s wrong with Amy’s doula. The mother who wrote this was showing her deep support for the doula. She even added, “I can’t see anything wrong with Amy’s doula.

She did everything at her best to just make Amy feel totally secure throughout her postpartum journey. She acted like a strong pillar, and this is what all long to get during everyone’s postpartum life.”

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