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The Baby Came On Father’s Day! Luke Combs Welcomed Their First Baby Boy With His Wife Nicole



Following the birth of their son, Tex Lawrence Combs, the couple declared themselves to be parents in a statement. From the minute the kid arrived at his loving parents, the couple appeared to be smitten with him.

Luke Combs Welcomed Their First Baby Boy

In a photo they shared with junior Combs on June 21 in a nursery, Luke and Nicole announced they were parents. The kid was delivered on Sunday, June 19, which happens to be Father’s Day, making it a lucky day.

Luke Combs Welcomed Their First Baby Boy

The new father posted on the family’s official Instagram account about the joy their child had brought into their lives and how their kid could not have chosen a better day to arrive. He also mentioned the postpartum health of the mother and the newborn son. The nicest present a couple could ever receive is Tex, which the couple brought home with them.

On the other hand, Nicole is apparently over the moon and relishing these days with her family and their new baby son. She expressed her gratitude for being picked as the baby’s mother in her writing.

The musician and his wife planned a celebration to celebrate the impending birth of the child. The baby shower had a “cutie” theme and featured delicious handmade cookies.

The American country music performer and his wife can be seen in the picture holding a sonogram that, in January, confirmed their pregnancy. They are expecting their first kid by the spring, he added in the caption to the photo.

The singer’s wife also wrote about how this year has been the finest for them and the anticipation they are feeling. Despite Nicole’s harsh Covid-19 symptoms in 2021, from which she later recovered, the couple appears to be having the happiest year yet in 2022.

Millions of fans responded when the country music star shared the good news with his Instagram followers.

Nicole Comb shared the same photo on her official account as well. The mother was seen snuggling their adorable baby boy close to her body while sitting on a white couch and wearing them both in the adorable snap. The lyricist was standing next to them, dressed in black T-shirt, black cap, and beige pants. Together, the parents are giving their adorable child a kind and affectionate look.

After a formal two-year courtship, the Grammy-winning crooner wed Nicole on August 1, 2020. The Key West Songwriters Festival provided the opportunity for the couple’s initial encounter in May 2016. Four months after their first encounter, the couple was rumoured to be in love.

According to reports, the social media influencer and famous wife is currently focusing more on her small family.

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