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Why Henry Cavill Chose That Suit For Superman’s Black Adam Return


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Henry Cavill has talked about the “poignant moment” he experienced after donning the Superman costume once more and why he chose to wear the Man of Steel outfit for his Black Adam cameo. In Black Adam’s post-credits cameo, Cavill may be seen sporting the recognizable blue and red Superman suit.

The actor discussed why he chose to wear the Man of Steel attire for his comeback while opening up about the personal significance of the garment and how he felt when he put it on once more for the first time, as reported by Variety, in an interview with Josh Horowitz for the Happy Sad Confused podcast.

Henry Cavill Chose That Suit For Superman’s Black Adam Return

According to recent speculations, a Superman sequel starring Cavill is already in development, so it won’t be long until he might be stepping out in the costume again. On Instagram, the actor also formally announced his return to the DC Extended Universe, assuring followers that their patience and loyalty would be “rewarded.” Since then, he has spoken of the “promising future” of the character.

Henry Cavill

For years, Dwayne Johnson has referenced a fight between himself and Superman, telling fans that the two will “definitely” square off in a future film. There’s no official crossover picture in the works just yet, so when that super-powered conflict will hit the big screen remains to be determined, but if Black Adam does well at the movie office, it could not be too far off.

In our assessment, IGN found that Black Adam was severely underdeveloped and that many of its concepts were only partially developed. We should, however, see more of Johnson going forward because of his all-in commitment.

Dwayne Johnson Claims They Fought for Henry Cavill’s Superman for Years

Henry Cavill used social media to announce his return to the DC universe yesterday officially. After many years of rumors and confusion, the actor said he would be reprising his Superman role. The actor posted a video of himself doing so while donning the Superman costume to make the announcement.

henry cavil

Today, the newest member of the DC Extended Universe, Dwayne Johnson, who plays Black Adam, reposted the actor’s video. Johnson congratulated actor Henry Cavill on his comeback. According to Johnson, Cavill’s comeback as DC’s greatest superhero has been in the works for years. He also revealed that producers Dany Garcia and Hiram Garcia and he personally worked to make it happen. Johnson made this revelation in a tweet.

Because the DCEU cannot be created without the greatest superhero in the world, Johnson said, as negotiations progressed, saying that saying no was not an option.

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The lengths Johnson went to ensure Cavill’s appearance in Black Adam demonstrate how devoted he is to both Cavill’s Superman character as well as the DCEU as a whole. Many people have been hoping that Cavill will play Superman again in the DC Extended Universe for years. Still, because of the numerous changes and tensions at DC Films, the actor’s interpretation of the DC icon was merely benched.


However, it appears that those times are finally coming to an end, with Walter Hamada and most of the previous Warner Bros. administration no longer in the picture. Johnson has made it clear that he values his audience’s opinions, which is evident greatly in the finished version of Black Adam.

Johnson emphasizes that fans will always come first in his tweet, which also sends a not-so-subtle message to detractors of Black Adam. People who frequently check Rotten Tomatoes had their minds blown this week by the stark disparity between critics’ and general audiences’ ratings: The film now has a 39% approval rating among reviewers and a stunning 90% approval rating among audiences. Johnson responded by retweeting positive reviews of the film and asserting that “the fans matter most, and we’re always determined to deliver for them.

What Does Cavil Returning Presume?

Cavill’s comeback suggests a potential effort to give the existing DCEU another shot. Warner Bros. took certain actions that signaled its interwoven superhero universe might be either reset or changed after lower-than-expected box office performances from films like Justice League.

Of course, this means that the DC world will continue being disorganized in movies. Batman has already undergone a revamp, and a follow-up with Robert Pattinson reprising his role as Bruce Wayne is already in the works. In contrast, The Flash is progressing but taking measures because of star Ezra Miller’s behavior. However, different franchises like Shazam! Fury of the Gods and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom are continuing in the same universe, demonstrating that Warner Bros. needs to find its footing in the upcoming years if they want to give fans a feeling of consistency and attempt to replicate the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s success once more.

Batgirl and other prominent DC characters have already perished due to the Discovery merger. The project’s cancellation infuriated fans and raised concerns about the future of superheroes in movies and television because, allegedly, there will be many more cuts. Despite Cavill’s return, no news has been made regarding a new Superman or Justice League film. Cavill’s most recent appearance as the son of Krypton came in the 2017 film Justice League.

About Black Adam

Black Adam is viewed as a character who can do no wrong and is essentially unstoppable. Contrarily, Superman is regarded as one of the strongest beings, heightening the intrigue of a confrontation while also exposing a regrettable reality regarding Superman’s predicament in the DCEU.


The location and state of the Man of Steel are still being determined, though, as he hasn’t been spotted since his headless appearance in the 2019 film Shazam! Since the events of Joss Whedon’s Justice League, Henry Cavill hasn’t played Superman in any films or television shows for five years. Both characters might be pushed to their breaking points by a probable return in Black Adam and a combat hint, which could change the balance of power in the DC Extended Universe.

The franchise has already developed strong characters like Wonder Woman. Still, many others don’t seem to be on a comparable strength level, indicating that a confrontation between Superman and Black Adam can eventually define how strong particular DC characters should be. In addition to his superiority in terms of strength, Black Adam has the potential to create some crossovers involving Superman and Shazam. As a result, Black Adam is the perfect vehicle for Dwayne Johnson to fulfill his lengthy ambition and the perfect foundation for Superman to return to the DCEU.

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